Monday , May 17 2021

Bobsleigh Busin: he wanted to be the first six

It was reported that in the Wednesday the sum of two trips was won by the Olympic champions Francesco Friedrich, which, after 0.06 seconds, the Latvian pilot conquer Oscar Kiberman's crew. Berzins with the experienced pusher Intaru Dambi was the seventh. Also on Saturday, debuted in World Cup, the new pilot won the seventh place.

"It was a bad day for the day, there was an error, and I could not recover, then the chain reaction started. Â €" We can not clit the result, but we have to correct the errors, the two trips gave the same "I wanted to be in the first six, if there would be a good reed, it would be." The second trip was close to the ideal , but I may have often made that you're minimal compared to the other three rides. "

On Saturday began Berzins with a pusher Dāvis Spriņģis, while sitting on a Sunday in his sleep Dambis. "There was no specific reason for pressing a change, I did not feel the difference, to not change the result."

The goal of the new bobsleigh pilot this season is to create good and stable trips.

"The World Cup is a higher race than a European Cup, it's a good move," Berzins was established. "It's already in Europe, some are more hands-free, in winter, it's good, even in Eagle." In Winterberg there will be only four varieties – they will see. "" I've done the previous season, for this season, "he said," has a bigger impact. "

Berzins also has coaches in handy sports, which he has experienced very well for the knowledge of the tracks.

The leader in World Cup with 450 points is Friedrich, the 420-point has ended with Kibermanis. In addition to 368 points, Germans are Christoph Huffer and Nico Walter, such as Russian Maxim Andrianov and Czech Dvorak. In the race is Berzins with the 336 points eighth.

The Sigulda railway is currently not suitable for bobsleigh four breeds, so that two men were spoken in 1991. At the next stage, two four-race races are on the German route in Winterberg.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; A month play athlete at the end of & # 39; a month in Swiss Switzerland in St. Moritz, but the season will end in North America with two steps in Lake Placid and Calgary, in & nbsp; The middle of January will be athlete at Eagles railway in Austria, to # 39; The end of the month is still two stations in Germany, bobsleighs and skeletons held with Altenberg and Königsse tracks. At the end of the season, the World Championship will take place on the Whistler railway in Canada.

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