Thursday , January 20 2022

Arvo Perts got the highest cultural prize in Poland


The outstanding Estonian composer Arvo Perts received the highest cultural price of Poland on Sunday, the golden medal "Gloria Artis".

A prize-winner composer received his own concert at the Rotondo-neck of the John Paul II Museum in Warsaw. The Estonian Philharmonic Camera Choir and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra under direction of Tene Kaljust, participated in the concert, one of the 100th anniversary celebrations of # 39; The statehood of the Republic of Poland was in the festival "Eufonie". The price for Pertam as the honorary guest of this festival was presented by the secretary of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Jaroslav Selkin.

On Monday, the composer will receive the second highest recognition of Poland – the Honorary Doctor of the Warsaw Friderika Chopin Music University "For Special Results in Music and the Universal Depth of Work".

Arvo Perts, born in 1935, is the world-renowned Estonian composer who has made his tune-paradigm – tintinnabuli, a composite technique based on the idea of ​​bells.

After graduating from the Tallinn Conservatory, he first worked in Estonia, but in & nbsp; In the seventies, he began to focus on spiritual music and moved in the West to live in the west in 1980, first in Vienna, then in Berlin, where he soon became an international recognition. Since 2010, Perth has returned to a fixed regime in his homeland Estonia.

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