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Anthony has already played the latest rocket – Basketball –


Given the relationship with Anthony and Team Mate and the status of the 10th All-Star Game, the Rockets have delicately solved the problem of a 34-year-old basketball player leaving the team.

Anthony has already missed the last two games described as his "disease" and has not been to Tim and Denver, sources confirmed. Derrils Morry is called "unfair" speculation of Entonie's future, and Carmelo is now able to add Rockets to his list of vulnerable players.

Anthony scored an average of 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds in 10 games with 40.5 points per game. Karmelo has always been active in the starting line-up during the past 15 seasons. Anthony earned 25,551 points, ranking nineteen on the NBA's top list.

Edri Vodzhnarovski, an ESPN reviewer, reported Saturday that the team and Anthony talked about the role of the basketball player on the team and how the collaboration could continue until the end of the season, with the defeat of rocket San Antonio Spurs. This discussion arose after Enthony scored only one of 11 goals in the game after scoring two points in a game against "Thunder" in Oklahoma City.

However, general manager of the rocket, Morry, pointed to several qualifying press conferences scheduled to return to the square when Anthony recovered. "One of the reasons I am here is that there are many unfair rumors that he is doing well with us. [Maiks D’Antoni] Yesterday said, his attitude was excellent. He did all the coaching work. "

James Harenz said there was not enough information to talk about the Anthony problem, but Chris Paul was not clear about the future of the team's Carmelo. "Melo is grand, and I work hard every day, so let's see what happens."

Considered to be one of the most famous players in the Western Conference, the Rockets ranked 12th overall in the competition, winning five of 12 games.

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