Monday , January 24 2022

Alexei Borodulins has become the head of Tamro in Latvia


On December 1 this year, changes took place in the management of Tamro Baltics, the leading pharmaceutical wholesale and retail company in the Baltics, and its subsidiary Tamro Latvija, the company reports. Alexey Borodulins, who previously worked as the company’s sales manager in Latvia, has been appointed head and wholesaler of Tamro Latvija. Kestutis Dubinka, the current head of Tamro Latvija, will join the Tamro Baltics management team.

Alexei Boroduļins, the new director and wholesaler of Tamro Latvija, started working for the company in 2007 as a representative and in 2014 he was promoted to the position of sales manager. A. Borodulin has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical wholesale and retail market.

Kestutis Dubinka, the current head of Tamro Latvija, will join the board of Tamro Baltics as director of the B2B channel and supply chain in the Baltics. K. Dubinka joined the Tamro team as a logistics manager in Lithuania in 2003 and became the manager and wholesaler of Tamro Latvija in 2018.

“I thank Kestutis Dubinkis for his excellent contribution and results in leading Tamro Latvia. Now with his experience and knowledge he will increase the value of our company in the Baltic countries. I am also convinced that in the person of Alexei Borodulin, our organization in Latvia has adopted a leader who is well known in this market and who is highly valued by colleagues. I am especially pleased that we can change management by promoting our own best employees, ”says Leons Jankelevičs, Managing Director of Tamro Baltics.

In the current pandemic situation, the short – term goal of the company is high quality service and customer support, as well as a safe and efficient working environment for the company’s employees. In the long term, the company’s goals are to maintain the existing market position. of Tamro, to expand and gain new business opportunities, as well as to increase the number of partners, “said the new head of Tamro Latvija A. Bordodulins.

“After three years of intensive and exciting work, managing our company in Latvia, I took a new position in our Baltic organization. I want to thank our customers for their trust and our Latvian team for their motivation to work and the values ​​we have created together. With pride and confidence I hand over the management of the company to Alexei Borodulins and wish him and the entire Latvian team happiness! “said K. Dubinka, the current manager of Latvia.

Leon Jankelevitsh, Managing Director, Arunas Leonavicius, Chief Financial Officer, Krister Tamm, B2C Channel and Commercial Director, and Kestutis Dubinka, Director of B2B Channel and Supply Chains, will continue to serve on the board of Tamro Baltics.

Tamro Baltics is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic region, and also a leader in the Baltic retail sector. The company is part of the international PHOENIX group, which manages the distribution of medicines in 27 European countries. Tamro Baltics offers comprehensive wholesale services for the delivery of medicines and other goods to pharmacies and hospitals. In addition, Tamro provides the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to manufacturers through its delivery services, which include warehousing, transportation, goods management and invoicing, and other services.

Tamro Baltics is a pharmaceutical wholesale and retail company operating in all three Baltic countries, employing 1,200 professionals. There are almost 450 pharmacies in the Baltic States, which either belong to the Tamro Group or operate on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the brand BENU Aptieka as Aptieka 1. Tamro Baltics is part of the PHOENIX Group, which it operates in 27 EU countries.

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