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Today's fortune to look for fun, November 14, 2018 What kind of fortune do pigs have?


[경기도민일보=조수지 기자] Today's fortune of pigs November 14, 2018 Born in 1947 – If you are remarried, then the person in front of you is your relationship. No matter if you remarry now. Born in 1959 – I have heard of colds or bad news. Avoid all access, avoid meeting and promises. Born in 1971 – bad fluctuations occur in buying or selling goods. The money that I did not want in front of my eyes is spent, and it is only the end without saying. Born in 1983 – Meeting with anyone is difficult today. Even if you meet, you will not be able to achieve your goals, only the difficulties will increase. Born in 1995 – Today is a very high affection index. I can not just spend the day like this. If you have waited, the opportunity is today. Look forward to good work.

[ 돼지띠의 2018년 11월 14일 별자리 운세 ]

★ Aquarius – 1/20 ~ 2/18 (Money: 90%, Dating: 70%, Astrology Compatibility: Cancer)
Today, the moment will come to blow away the stress of the moment. It is a good idea to believe and promote your abilities rather than useless worries. It's a good idea to start your workouts to reinforce your physical fitness.

★ Pisces – 2/19 ~ 3/20 (Money: 50%, Date: 60%, Astrological Compatibility: Gemini)
Today is your day of luck. Therefore, it is prudent to be self-centered and quiet rather than active today. Therefore, you should be cautious about everything and avoid rashness.

★ Aries – 3/21 ~ 4/19 (Money: 80%, Dating: 70%, Astrology Compatibility: Capricorn)
I am tired today, but it is good to have a little more strength to reap beauty. If you achieve this, it is very likely that you will be in position next year. Do not miss out on a chance.

★ Taurus – 4/20 ~ 5/20 (Money: 90%, Date: 90%, Astrology chemistry: Capricorn)
It is a day with lots of benefits as we will get good results every day. It is time for good fortune, and it will be beneficial to do new things as well. So if you have any plans or wishes in the meantime, you might want to try it today.

★ Gemini – 5/21 ~ 6/21 (Money: 80%, Dating: 80%, Astrology Compatibility: Virgo)
I would like to remind you that if you have a heart and mind, you can easily solve difficult situations. Those who live in a positive environment can feel a sense of happiness even in a small joy.

★ Cancer – 6/22 ~ 7/22 (Money: 90%, Date: 90%, Astrological Compatibility: Aquarius)
Today will be a day of good performance with the help of the attribution. If you are an office worker, you will be selected as a precious place after you have accomplished a great job following your luck.

★ Leo – 7/23 ~ 8/22 (money: 70%, date: 80%, constellation chemistry: Pisces)
Knowing that pushing with confidence has good results for you and good luck for the day, move forward strongly toward the goal of success. Today, we need a firm belief and commitment.

★ Virgo – 8/23 ~ 9/23 (Money: 80%, Date: 80%, Astrology chemistry: Aquarius)
A perfect inclination can make you tired yourself. It is only loneliness to return to see others according to their own standards. We have to work on interpersonal relationships and develop expressive ability.

★ Libra – 9/24 ~ 10/22 (Money: 70%, Dating: 70%, Astrology Compatibility: Pisces)
You may not be able to get out of your own world because of lack of activity. It is a day when you need to relax and change your mind, so please try to talk to your friends by phone. You have to be wise to find positive and realistic alternatives.

★ Scorpio – 10/23 ~ 11/22 (money: 70%, date: 70%, constellation chemistry: Capricorn)
Today, we have to organize all the surroundings and set the foundation. It is not time yet. Do not avoid annoying things, but cooperate with your family and face difficulties to accept the situation.

★ Shooter – 11/23 ~ 12/24 (Money: 70%, Date: 60%, Astrology chemistry: Aries)
It 's a day without any problems. Fear without measures is ahead, but you can. I must teach my mind slowly and solve it from the easy to solve.

★ Capricorn – 12/25 ~ 1/19 (Money: 80%, Dating: 80%, Astrological Compatibility: Libra)
As fortune follows, a difficult situation is expected. Mental fatigue can get you, so it is better to get the power of recharge so that you can be stable in your mind and body. The price of hard work will come to a great extent and we will have to deal with courage and sincerity.

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