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"This is a clean player to lose," said Kim Jae-hwan, a controversial MVP award winner.


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Kim Jae-hwan who won the 2018 KBO League MVP. [사진=OSEN]

[헤럴드경제 스포츠팀=노진규 기자] Doosan Bears' Kim Jae-hwan eventually won the 2018 KBO League MVP. A total of 487 points were earned from the ballots of Korean baseball journalists' reporters. It was an overwhelming vote.

There is no one who can question Kim 's prime minister on his grades. Kim had a career high of .349, 44 homers and 133 RBIs this season. In 20 years, he was honored as Jamsil Home Run.

The problem is drug power. It is doubtful whether it is appropriate to award a league top honor to a player who has a medication in professional sports. Kim Jae-hwan was once again selected as the national team for the 2011 Panama Baseball World Cup, but he was disciplined (10 games) because he was found to have taken the prohibited drugs. Since then, he has been a No. 4 hitter for Doosan, but his fans are still in the spotlight.

In contrast to American pro baseball (MLB) line. MLB is strict and decisive about drug taking players. It has nothing to do with the player's reputation or ability. Even if caught, the punishment is heavy. At the first catch, the game is suspended for 80 games. At the second catch, 162 games are caught.

Robinson Kano, who was considered second baseman for Major League Baseball, was also suspended for 80 games on suspicion of taking drugs prohibited this season. The retirement of the Hall of Fame, which was evaluated to be definitive, became virtually bogus.

Hall of Fame is considered the best honor for baseball players. However, no matter how excellent a player he is, there is no shortage of drug traffickers. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and other MLB superstars have not been able to enter the Hall of Fame for years because of the drug discovery process. Even season MVPs are comparable to KBO leagues, which are awarded to drug convicts.

At this point, the young players of the KBO league have no reason to be tempted by drugs. They are caught while they are on drugs. Anyway, you can come back with a little disciplinary punishment for stopping a game in the 1st game which is difficult to run properly. Filling in formal social service hours is a bonus.

Whether it is the effects of drugs or your own efforts, if you improve your baseball skills, some fans will blindly defend you. The grades are good, and the water course comes naturally. A steeply rising salary is a bonus. It is the KBO league that can enjoy both wealth and honor if only a little risk is taken.

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