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The quality of & # 39; Emperor Shin Sung Rok, maybe Chang Ji to defend Elijah


Shin Sungrok proposed Jang Na to protect this Elia.

In & # 39; night of & # 39; the 28th, SBS Empress fan & # 39; Emperor Lee Hyuk (Shin Sungrock) was on Oh Sonny (Jang Na-ra)

Earlier, the spring (Shin Eun-kyung) began to start Minh Yura (Lee Elia) and warned him to "fall from his majesty." He said: This is a matter of human dignity. He said, From now on, forget the cause of your majesty.

Oh Sunny returned to Lee Hyeok. Oh Sonny gave me a handmade lunch box and asked, "Have I ever been here?"

Lee said, "Yeah," said Lee, "I would like to hear Sunny as one of them." He said, "I never thought of a teacher." So Ohnny tears and returned home.

In the evening his pupils were known with the whole beach and walked around. Lee kneels on the knees and says, "I'm wrong, I will not do it again." "Stay close to Yura."

Then he said to Lee Hyeok, "Oh sin, welcome the emperor." Lee Hyeok was required to accept the words of 'pulpit'. He cried, after the redemption of Silla, saying, "See if your majesty will be a man of another woman." Lee Hyeok was angry and said to Min-yura: "If you can keep it, it's nothing for you."

Lee returned to Oh Sunny. Lee said to Oh Sunny: "I would like you to see, I sent Sine." Sonny said, "Why do you stay ill?" He said, Let us live together in their own place.

Lee said, "It will not be easy." Since then, he has been connected to Oh Sunny. And he came to Oh Sunny's musical podium and asked, "It was the best performance of my life."

On another side asked Naeung-sik (Taehan Ho-min), the number in & # 39; the spirit, asked me to help her, said: "My mother died in injustice and I can not do anything until I rave." So Naeung-sik came back from the house of teacher.

Naeung-sik started to dream of 'revenge by watching' the announcement of the emperor of # 39; the emperor of TV. In addition, he told his teacher, "Make me learn," he told me his plan to become an imperial guard.

After a while he went into training and changed into a completely different form of Naeungik (Choi Jin-hyeok). And he himself had a common name & # 39; Cheonwoo & # 39; and went to the imperial court to become an imperial guard.

(SBS funE Cho Yeon Hee editor)

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