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“The outstretched T-shirt and pajama pants” … The unusual transformation of Lee Young-ae


Lee Young-ae attempts a new transformation via ‘Goo-gyeong-i’. Provided by JTBC

Lee Young-ae’s unusual transformation into ‘Gu-gyeong-i’ explodes.

On the 24th, JTBC’s new cut drama ‘Gu Kyungi’ released a new silence from Lee Young-ae.

The work is a hard-boiled comic hunting drama about Goo Gui (Lee Young-ae), a suspicious corner of the room who cannot endure the delay in both games and investigations. Lee Young-ae, who returns to the small screen after 4 years, is a work that has garnered a lot of attention due to the casting news.

In particular, potential viewers pay attention to ‘Goo Kyung-i’ with the transformation of Lee Young-ae. In the first teaser video released earlier, Lee Young-ae got a lot of attention for her appearance that everyone broke expectations. Lee Young-ae, who casts her elegant and beautiful image, appeared with a copy of ‘I’m not crazy’, reinforcing the character’s curiosity and expectation.

In the photo, Lee Young-ae robs her eyes with her sparse vision that seems to indicate that she has been hit by a bomb. The unbalanced fashion in a t-shirt stretched over colorful pajama pants, and a black trench coat on top, makes me curious about Goo-gyeong’s outings. Kyeong-i walks around without paying attention to how he looks. Lee Young-ae’s eyes shining even in the distorted appearance add an extraordinary aura to the character.

In the play, Gyung-i, whose world is all about games and alcohol, comes for a while from the corner of the room after an incident. Lee Young-ae increased the audience’s curiosity by actually realizing Goo-gi’s appearance with an unconventional visual. For the sake of the character Kyeong-i alone, he showed an immortal transformation. The transformation of Lee Young-ae, who returned with comic clothing, also streams with reactions from the audience that it is fresh.

The production team of ‘Goo Kyung-i’ said: “Lee Young-ae has already shown synchronization with Goo-gi from the first filming. He came back to the small screen after a long time and his passion for transformation of new character is great. “Through this drama you will be able to see a new side of actress Lee Young-ae.”

The transformation of Lee Young-ae, who will return to the unusual character Gu Kyung-i, can be seen in ‘Koo-kyung’.

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