Sunday , October 24 2021

The Gear – Netflix, Cowboy Bebop Make a real showdrama


(CNN) – An animated Cowboy Bebop, a story about a universe in the universe, will be made live action drama in Netflix.

He began his first air in 1998 and was made with 26 episodes, but it is a masterpiece that has 20 years later spoken through animated enthusiasts. In Korea, Tooniverse was regularly imported and aired in 1999.

Netflix and Tomorrow Studio co-products. Tomorrow Studio decided to make a drama series with Netflix, a film Snow Country coach by Bong Joon Ho. Various producers also participated in the original animation production company Sunrise. A total of 10 episodes have been finalized, with Tordakworld and Ragnarok writer Christopher Yost take on the first episode scenario. The original animator director Shinichi Watanabe is a consultant.

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