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The difference, Taiwan's provincial election disorder … Nuclear Power Plant & # 39; also connects the referendum


The ruling Democratic Party, which was in conflict with the middle,
I also give my garden to Kaohsiung … President Chen's resignation
Also, Taiwan & # 39; named Olympic participation

"Collecting cold leaders in Kaohsiung," Taiwan's provincial elections as the largest subject Taiwan's largest city in Kaohsiung
On & # 39; night of & # 39; the national party Han Kwon-soo, the supporters who were after the last campaign,
It is visible. On Thursday, 277 supporters of Kaohsiung, 277 thousand people meant, showed their heads as a candidate with colder. One
The candidates ran for support, saying: "Let the fever come to see Kaohsiung." Han, who was 20 years old in Caesarean,
He was elected a mayor or star of the provincial elections of Taiwan. Fotomontrôle Taiwan Central Communications Company Website

Taiwan's Democratic People's Party (DPP), which has strengthened its connection to the United States and has launched an affair with the United States, will lose its place in the provincial elections, 39 & # 39; T is an interim evaluation of the government of Tsai Ing. Chairman Eleven received Lee responsibility for the results of the election and earned as chairman of # 39; the party president, while ignoring whether he would run for the next presidential election. The election seems to have a big impact on bilateral relations.

The Democratic Party won only six provinces, including six direct municipalities, in # 39; the provincial elections held in prefecture, including two in # 39; the province. On the other hand, the opposition National Party, which has improved relations with China, won 15 places, including three in the National Liberation Army.

Especially it was a decision that Han Kwi-won, the Nationalist candidate, defeated in the southern Kaohsiung city, where the Democratic Party did not provide 20 years. Kaohsiung is the foundation of the Democratic Party in # 39; the power to end independence of Taiwan. One of the candidates is Taiwan's media, saying that instead of ideology, "Kaohsiung again great," the so-called "Korean wave" Op # the vote on # 39; 23 times Han Guowai, who had been with 500 supporters of cold or even collected himself, proposed to "make Kaohsiung". On the same day Kaohsiung also paid 227 people to 2.7 million people in Kaohsiung. He was the first to win the victory of the National Party, and he quickly became the next president of the candidate.

On the other hand, the president of # 39; a minister of presidency Lee of the resignation of Minister Resignation of Prime Minister Lee Lie-Ching, Taiwan's Deputy Prime Minister, also gave his gratitude to # 39; the north to "show the election results clearly that people are not satisfied with government awards". But the lord

China is trying to break from the principle of "one China" (Taiwan's position not to distinguish Taiwan 's international social status as part of China), and strengthens its relations with the United States to the rule of 2016, diplomatic and military pressure. If the economy was slaughtered, the voters grew, especially in their 20s and 30s.

On the 24th place, local elections were held with a referendum on various issues. The most sensitive issue was "Let's participate in an international convention such as the 2020 Olympics called" Taiwan "instead of" China Taiwan Taipei ". It was denied 4.94 million (25% ) of 4.7 millionth threshold was not bigger, 5.7 million people rescued, although the standard default standard of 50% to 25% was lost, it was no longer over South Korea's referendum consists of a majority vote for a majority of voters, but the Taiwanese national referendum must have the money of Parliament (Parliament) It is close. submitted to the Council of the Provincial Executive, which refers to the result of the referendum.

Yet, Taiwanese voters ultimately come up with stability, such as bilateral relations. The International Olympic Committee (ICO) warns three times that "if the name changes, it is not possible to come to the Olympic Games", and the Taiwan Olympic Committee calculated that it would not stimulate emotionally.

China has flourished in elections and referendum results. "Taiwan's independence is a failure," said a spokesman for Taiwan's Office of the Office of Chinese Taipei's Masha Ogwang. "It reflects the strong winds of Taiwan's people who have the advantages of" No, "he said. But Taiwan's independence was preserved Tsuyu Liberty Times message that "China has used false news to keep in elections." As a result of the referendum, the policy of the Taiwanese government of # 39; the "core coding in 2025" was formerly broken. 29.7 percent of voters were to be cleared for the disposal of the electricity supply, which completely completed the function of nuclear power plant by 2025, and decided to obtain the law. In his presidential elections in 2016, Mr. Chai had to make a pledge to build a 2025 non-powered area, and then he followed the policy of nuclear power to the government, but Taiwan's national interest in electricity supply and demand was amplified. In August, this year half of the landing of # 39; the father in power, that's a referendum asking the policy. The results of the referendum and the election result have unprecedented results in the revision of the policy.

Taiwan has changed the age of the referendum from "20 years old" to "18 years old."

BEIJING: Yun WenJun correspondent [email protected]

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