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Target Shingles, Flu, Chicken Pox


Input 2018.11.14 03:07

SK Bioscience

SK Bioscience is targeting the overseas market with the introduction of the flu virus vaccine 'SkySelve', the shingles vaccine 'SkyZoster' and the chickenpox vaccine 'Sky Barrisela'.

SK Bioscience has signed a licensing agreement to apply 'cell culture vaccine production technology' applied to the world's first 4-cell culture flu vaccine, Skyshell, to Sanofi Pasteur, a global vaccine leader. The technology transfer and licensing agreement with Sanofi Pasteur is up to $ 155 million, making it the largest ever export of vaccine technology in Korea.

SK Bioscience's cell culture flu vaccine production technology is based on the fact that the production process is quick and efficient using animal cells unlike the conventional method.

The SK Bioscience Research Institute is conducting vaccine-related research at Andong Vaccine Factory 'El House'.

SK Bioscience will use this technology to launch the 3-cell culture flu vaccine SkySelve in 2015, and succeeded in commercializing the world's first 4-cell culture flu vaccine, the Skyls Flu4, in the following year. These two flu vaccines exceeded the domestic cumulative sales volume of 14 million doses (one doses per dose) within three years after its launch, and this year, 5 million doses were supplied to the market.

SK Zoster, the second vaccine of SK Bioscience, which is licensed for marketing in the world, is on the market at the same time. Cumulative sales of SkyJooster reached only 20 billion won in the first half of the year. Currently, some countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, are in the process of issuing licenses in accordance with the country registration requirements of SkyJooster.

In September, after approval of the shipment of the chicken pox vaccine 'Sky Barrisela' to the country, it started to supply it as a domestic disease and clinic. We are also participating in overseas bidding market.

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