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Surrounding Docdo … 30 years of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian military aircraft were intervened –


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[침범당한 독도 영공]Russia is medium bombers in the air defense area, 18 in Korea and 10 in Japan

At the morning of March 23, about 30 military units from four countries gather in Korea, China, Japan, and Russia three hours in & # 39; a neighborhood of Dokdo. It is the first time that four military planes gather in one place like this. It's growing concern that a dreadful situation may arise in the future, which is likely to lead to military collisions in & # 39; a Baltic Sea between South, North, Central, South and South Korea.

The confrontation then began five Chinese and Russian military aircraft including the Chinese H-6 strategic bomber, the Russian TU-95 strategic bomber, and the A-50 early warning checker the morning of & # 39; e 23rd identification & # 39; Removal of air. This is the first time China and Russian military aircraft have come to KADIZ at the same time.

In response to Dokdo's invasion of the Russian system for early warning, our troops have floating 18 air force fighters, including the F-15K and KF-16, with 20 flares and 360 warning photos. As the Chinese military aircraft overthrew KADIZ in the Japan Air Defense Identification Zone (JADIZ), Japan also flew airborne combat fighters such as the F-15J and F2. "I think Japan sent 10 fighters," said a military source. "I don't think I've ever sent a stealth fighter F-35." It was reported that Japan was also pushing Japan to withdraw from JADIZ by sending warning signals to Chinese and Russian military aircraft. It was known that central and Russian military aircraft of time to time were deliberately provoked in and out of KADIZ and JADIZ, mostly about seven hours. The combat plans of Korea, China, Japan, and Russia, and strategic bombers were fiercely close to reminding us of actual events. Diplomatic and military experts said: "It was a situation where dozens and hundreds of military aircraft were inoculated and dismissed into a roundabout," he said. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, two Chinese H-6 bombers came in from KADIZ in Northwest from about 6:44 hours, through the JADIZ between Ulleungdo and Dokdo. Soon, they joined two Russian TU-95 bombers in the northern part of & # 39; the North & # 39; e Baltic Sea (NLL) and came to about 140 km north of Ulleungdo. Separately, the Russian A-50, which is approached by Dokdo, invaded Dokdo's seven minutes twice at 9: 9 o'clock and 9:33 o'clock.

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