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Son Heung-min announces for the first time in 12 years a goal away from Iran … national team draw



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The football team, which is challenging to advance to the World Cup final for the 10th consecutive time, recorded a draw in Iran because they could not keep Heung-Min Son’s opening goal.

Son Heung-min, who scored the national team goal in Iran for the first time in 12 years since Park Ji-sung in 2009, reported two consecutive goals in the A-game.

Reporter Park Joo-mi reports.


To break the 47-year-old jinx at a distance, the national team hit aggressively on goal.

With 11 minutes played, a phenomenal play on the left side freed Lee Jae-seong, of Hwang In-beom, to dash through and score another goal for the visitors.

Heung-Min Son’s shot also went over the bar.

In the third minute of the second half, after a 0-0 stream, the first goal was finally scored.

Captain Heung-Min Son got a pass from behind and completed the goal after breaking through the dribble.

After the theater goal against Syria in the past, it was the A match goal for two consecutive matches.

This is the national goal of the national team for Iran for the first time in 12 years since Park Ji-sung in 2009.

However, it was shaken by allowing consecutive shots in Iran’s fierce pursuit, and in the 31st minute of the second half Jahanbach City conceded a goal to equalize.

They struggled to break Iran’s 47-year-old jinx without a win, but just before the end of the match, Na Sang-ho’s surprise shot was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper, and the match ended 1-1.

[손흥민/축구 국가대표 : “이란 원정은 항상 쉬웠던 적이 없었어요. 이기고 있었는데 아쉽고 슬픕니다.”]

Although their first away match did not succeed, the national team added valuable points and retained their second place in the group.

This is KBS News’ Park Joo-mi.

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