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Shinhan Bank, Namsan 300 million profits suspected & # 39;


Shinhan Bank, Namsan 300 million profits suspected & # 39;
[아시아경제 문제원 기자] Shinhan financial group investigates two suspected cases of the Prosecutor Office of Seoul for Missing 300 million won 300 million won for the election of Lee Myung – bak, former president Lee Myung – bak.

According to the criminal case, the election committee (Kim Kappa) of the declaration of # 39; The Justice of Central Seoul on Feb. 22 as & # 39; Namsan 300 million won

The former Commissioner of the Supreme Prosecutor Office offers on April 14 that there was a report on the research result of the # "Namsan 300 million won" case and gave the right to investigate the case,

In the case of & # 39; Namsan 300 million won in 2008, Shinhan Bank President Lee Hae-chan won $ 300 million to one of # the parking spaces of Namsan Free Center in Seoul under the direction of chairman Shin Han-jan.

The suspect is from the fact that former president Rae Chan Shin Seong-hoon, former head of Shinhan Financial Group, On Time, Even if we have concrete requests, we can not see the exact relationship.

Although judicial examination was investigated after the elections in the first and second cases in 2010 and 2012, the former commissioner reiterated that research was to be carried out, say that the actual case of # 39; Namsan 300 million won not yet been identified.

The former commissioner said: "The reason for the correlation is still diminishing when the adoption is confirmed in Mid-February 2008, 10 years before the date of commission, and it is likely that a research on ' The experience of Namsan's 300 million wounds is seen in the study of former lawsuits by Lee Myung- This is a major oversight. "

Meanwhile, the court ruled that the case of Shinhan Financial Forensics, which was offered by the former commissioner, was investigated in the second part of the investigation.

The suspects of alleged perpetrators are former presidents Rahm Chan and Lee Baek-soon, former president of Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Bank and others.

In the process of investigation and problem of the so-called Shinhan incident, the former chairman and former chairman Lee Sang-hoon accused the former president of Shin Sang-hong of 2010, the confidence that the Penal law is convinced that there was a fullness and havoc.

In particular, legal law did not examine the directions of Shin, but in & nbsp; the trial, organized former and current employees of Shinhan Bank a false witness against him for the proposal of Shin, I know it is also destroyed.

However, some Shinhan Financial Group employees continued to conduct organizational perjury with the prevention of '# # # # # # # # # # # # #; He also advised the criminal investigation to investigate the so-called organizational perplexity of ten senior employees of the Shinhan Financial Group. "We have decided we want."

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