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[DA:현장] Evolutionary promise Tiger JK, Drunken Tiger entering time capsule (synthesis)

Taeger JK and Defcon have talked about idol wrappers, including the bandits RM.

On the 14th at 4 pm at the YES 24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Drunken Tiger's regular 10th album 'X: Rebirth of Tiger JK'

Tiger JK introduced "Timeless", "RM met with the introduction of Bang Shihyok, and I talked a lot about hip-hop in Uijeongbu." "I first heard about Drunken Tiger's last album and collaborated for the first time Artist. "

He also said, "RM is busy, but he is a great friend of musical passion." He also praised "RM loves hip-hop and feels authentic".

Afterwards, Tiger JK said, "I also had prejudice against the idol wrapper. "It was because I was not a frequent friend," he said. "I met RM in the studio and talked about my favorite music, so my color was clear and the tone was different."

"There are a lot of words about idol and idol wrappers these days, but the voices are different when I speak eloquently in front of them. I have the ability to increase the amount of practice, "he said.

Drunken Tiger has 10 songs in total, including 30 songs. One album was filled with a distinctive boom genre, and the other one contained many genres such as jazz EDM reggae. The 10th album is especially meaningful because it is Drunken Tiger's last album.

Tiger JK said, "Drunken Tiger is a group that was born in a culture that challenged and broke something. It's not like 2018, so now it's time to get into the time capsule. "

"I made 60 songs over the past year and a half. It is not an album made especially for 20 years, but there are some friends who still give me the albums I want and come for this event. I think the fort has changed very positively. "

In addition, Tiger JK promised Tiger JK's unlimited transformation by saying "Drunken Tiger ends in 2018, but Tiger JK is still in many musical genres and should evolve in the future."

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