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'Pensions Commitment Designer' Being Senior … Worse-Welfare Department –


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Some employees will need to put their plans for reorganization within 3 weeks after the phone seizure
Kim Chung "No matter how much money you put in the back room, you can not starve to death"

President Moon Jae-in announced on the 7th, "The national pension reform plan" reported by the Minister of Health and Welfare on July 7, "It does not fit the national eye level." In the Cheong Wa Dae head office, there was a case where the director of the pension policy department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the cell phone manager of the pension policy director were investigated. At one point, the minister turned to say "Is not it hardened?"

The Ministry of Health and Welfare is a left-footed man. In political circles, "Cheong Wa Dae tells the welfare department, 'Do not raise your premium, make a plan to keep your promise.'" President Moon said he would raise the national pension replacement rate from the current 45 percent to 50 percent during the presidential election. In a two-day period after the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced the appointment of Professor Kim Yeon-myong, a professor at Chung-Ang University, who has insisted that "the replacement rate should be raised to 50% The new head of society is the person who made the promise of the presidential pension. "I will submit the government bill by the end of this month," Park said in the National Assembly on August 8. Inside the Ministry of Welfare, "It is not possible within three weeks. Do not worry deeply," says a message that Cheong Wa Dae should make a wish.

◇ Welfare Department

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has carried out two measles pills for the National Pension Scheme this year. Even when the pension system was improved in August, specific details of the improvement plan were leaked to the outside. At the time, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said, "I checked the emails of the practitioners." Before the Ministry of Health and Welfare reported the government to the president again, it was reported to the media that the premiums would be raised by up to 15%. The central government tried to promote the reorganization with the emphasis on strengthening the old-age guarantee, but it is the politicians' perception that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has misled opinions in the opposite direction.

◇ Front review … Will it be in three weeks?

In the political arena, the president has rejected the government, saying, "I do not think that we will not make unpopular reforms that raise premiums." When the Minister of Health and Welfare announced that he would release an amendment plan this month, the experts said, "Is that possible?" In order to make a 'full review' in the direction of giving more national pension while reducing the insurance premium rate as directed by the president, we have to look into the national pension finances separately and form a new framework. It will be within three weeks. "If you want to receive more national pension, you have to pay more, and there are no more to receive more," experts say.

As the pension specialist Kim Yeong-myeong, the chief of society, comes to observe that the reform of the national pension system will speed up. Kim argues, "No matter how much gold is piled up in the back room, can you starve in the front?" In addition, the old-age guarantee does not depend on only the national pension, but also puts the logic that the old-age guarantee must be designed by combining the basic pension. In the end, let's get more pensions, but raise premiums slightly, and strengthen basic pensions to prepare for old age.

◇ Who pays for the national pension

But if you do that, you will have a great burden on the next generation. Even if the basic monthly pension is 300,000 won per month, it will be 20 trillion won a year by the end of this year. If you raise it more than now, will the next generation be able to afford it?

Even if the government issues an amendment this month, there is a prospect that it will be difficult for the pension reform to work properly. The pension reform plan is that the Economic and Social Labor and Management Committee, which is a council for labor and management, pays a special pension for review for a maximum of nine months. Anyway, in the second half of next year, the parliament will be deliberated not only in the government but also in the tripartite office. At that time, it is very likely that the general election will be overturned.

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