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Oil prices fall, but oysters plump … Conjugation in 3 weeks


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Prediction on oil prices goes up, reducing 2 trillings
Emergency Crisis Cards have been blocked.

Dubai oil prices

The government has set up oil on the victory of rising oil prices, but international oil prices have come every day, and criticisms of & quot; The poor policy management of government and economic forecasting skills are at & # 39; e rising. If the government is using the policy of urgent, it is determined that the 2 trillion won tax burden and the need to get into the crisis crisis.

The government closes the oil at 15% for six months June 6. Kim Dong-yeon, the Economy of the Prime Minister, said: "The price of oil can affect 80 dollars per barrel, which can be a pressure on small businesses, small businesses and ordinary people, but oil prices are hard to find By the perspective that the US and China trade tensions diminish the world economy and lead to a decline in earth's potential to the tariff bill.

According to the Korean National Oil Corporation (KNOC) on Wednesday, the oil prices of Dubai have disappeared for the last five subsequent convenient days, which will lower the lowest level in eight months at $ 61.08. The Dubai oil price was compared to 14.2% compared to the last five days just before the oil was cut. Rohde oil prospects flared over $ 1.17 a barrel to the New York Mercantile Exchange. Moreover, the impact of the drop in international oil prices is not good at home in # 39; the oil. With the drop in international oil prices and the reduction of tax burden, the price of gasoline has disappeared by 15%, but domestic net prices fell 9.6% from 1690.3 won to 1527.85. Kim Gwang-seok, Professor of Hanyang University, said: "Due to the recent oil and international oil variations, households are minimal," he said. "The government is reducing oil fatigue especially for large businesses and gas stations in place of ordinary people."

There was criticism at the time the government issued the redemption ticket in 10 years. The broad tax strength was a policy that was likely to be used in former governments due to the heavy financial burden of taxation. In addition, there was a point that the tax burden effect concentrates on high incoming earners that greatly utilize the car, so that the supplementary measures should ensure that the incoming earners can benefit. However, the government has to say the broad taxation by saying, "It requires a lot of time and complexity to make a complementary measure." "When the government decided to cut the oil, the international oil price was not as high as $ 80, and it was supposed to fall back in the fourth quarter of this year to the peak" asked a researcher at the National Institute for Labor Party anonymity. "I've invited the last card, which has gotten the oil tax rate," he said.

The government's government in # 39; The oil birds are a stumbling block to the budget of the budget year. The opposition party asked for measures to be taken when the government taxation was won by 4 trillion through the oil crisis closure, which was decided to go to the government's budget proposal at the National Assembly. South Korean party secretary Chung Jae-won said: "The national tax of 4 trillion won is punctured and the government must have a position on how it is."

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