Friday , August 12 2022

Nonsan women's girlfriend, divorced by sex … 'I want to see you, my heart beats'


Some of their contents have been revealed while they are shocked by the inadequate relationship between two female students and a female student at a high school in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province.

According to the education system on the 12th, there was a suspicion that teacher A, who worked at the high school last year, had sex several times with group B, who was in the third grade at that time.

A group friend B, who noticed such a relationship, raised suspicions that last year when A dropped out of school, he approached the female teacher and threatened to inform the outside world of the affair. Group A dropped out of school last year, and Group B was said to have entered college.

In relation to this, a news agency in Chungnam (Start News) acquired and disclosed the contents of Katok which was divided between female teacher and group A in relation to the case.

In the contents of the public Katok, A said to the female teacher, "You must be the first to watch out." Then, when A group answered "I hate", the female teacher replied, "Okay, I want to see it.

In addition, after the case was revealed, the contents of the contents of the group were revealed.

The teacher said to A, "I have a problem and I want to look good in school and it is a term, I want to live." "Teacher, do you really tell anybody that we are writing?" She said, "Your mother is scary too, you said you were with me, is not she? I'm the same, I told you not to your friends."

"I know my mother is my cellphone when I'm drunk," said A.

On the other hand, in an interview with the media, the school strongly denied that "the teacher was rumored and the facts are different." He could not speak to the staff of the production team who said, "I got all of the contents of Katok."

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