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MK News – "The government is not the only government of the Korean people's liberation community"


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"Moon Jae-in is not just the government of the KCTU, the government of the KCTU, nor the Min-Wing government."

The head of the National Cooperation Bureau, Min Jung Chung (photo), was at midnight # 39; Found on Facebook on Facebook. Cho said, "The Labor Movements of a Social Movement, such as the KCTU, the People's Solidarity for Democracy Democracy, It is clear that the workforce of KCTU is intensified, including a general strike and not doing it to the social and labor committee, a social dialogue organization.

Cho said: "Under the current parliamentary and economic circumstances, the government can not fully meet the demands of social movements." Cho said, "The Government of Moon Jae – is a government that is sharply and openly communicates with the movement of society and decides that the responsible are public. The position of Cheong Wa Dae as "a government that is ready to be half – stage" Possible to take today and to make the next one.
Cho said: "It's good to criticize the KCTU, the PSPC and the ministers, but today's situation, does the same thing today.

Cho says, "There is a feeling of passion in the first situation of" administrable governor. "

It seems that the reality of occupational health, such as the KTU problem and the elasticity workforce must be set at a particular level to operate the state.

President Roh Young-Seok, the deputy chief of the secretariat secretary, has called the KCTU to change the role of KCTU, and it is clear that Cho Sung-suk, the head of # the president, express his position. Prior to his visit to the National Assembly Steering Committee on October 6, Lim teaches that "unions can not be as weak as the past, and the KCTU must have an important social responsibility." "I ask the National Assembly for more time for the expansion of the flexible working environment," said President Moon in an opening of June 22: "I appealed to the KCTU who did not participate in the opening sender.

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