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Watching the latest Galaxy Watch 4, launched at Samsung’s unlatch event in August earlier this week, gives us a glimpse in the direction of the Android watch. There is. Samsung The watch is the first watch with Google’s latest Wear operating system, and it’s a collaboration between the two companies that do not normally lend electronics.

It’s too early to understand where these Galaxy Watch 4 and Google are. But here are a few that I found these two models within a few days.

My thoughts here may change as new software or application updates appear, as these health features spend more time collecting data on my wrist, the two watch models feel interchangeable, which you will probably like This means you should get a model to to do it. of Affordable – I get 4 more luxury watches, starting at $ 250. Starting at $ 350 (£ 349) in the Classic, it uses a stainless steel body instead of an aluminum body, but the real difference is the physically rotating rim. Especially by switching between quick views of information applets called tiles. On the Watch 4, especially a status indicator and a few extra features like calendar and messages.

As Wear OS 3 continues to evolve, more applications may emerge, but the point is that not all applications are flat. You can also slide your fingers out to decorate the edge effectively. The Classic has a plug-in display and a comfortable click frame. Sometimes it gets harder to perform a punch. But I found an enormous advantage for the edge: when swimming, the physical knob is easier to control than the touch screen when wet. i ike the knob of the samsung galaxy watch 4 l.

Many are lively and lovely. AR Emoji and Bitmoji watch faces try to put my cute avatars on the watch, but I find them cracking: there are some weird ones; I often do not use Apple’s Memoji watch face. Most of them have many custom items, but not all. It focuses on fitness and some fun options of intricate designs (e.g. widgets for app clock face). Unfortunately, most of the best animated watch faces have no complication plugin option, so you should use them at your own expense. Google’s Wear OS face also appeared.

This looks like the best watch face I’ve ever seen on an Android watch, and it’s still a good thing the new platforms from Google and Samsung can do. However, I prefer a few more complex options. Samsung’s voice assistant is back, it’s assigned to a button on the watch by default 4.. You cannot access your Google Assistant as an option. i Wrong. You can switch Bixby with the shortcut key for shutdown, but that’s the purpose of a long button reload. make a plan You can change it. Now Bixby is the only assistant. Likewise, the watch does not arrive at the end of the month.

I’m not based on Wear OS and can download the Google app on watch 4. but I The lack of Google Assistant is worrying. Google Assistant It’s an important part of how to connect your watch to your phone (like the Google app in general), and now it feels like a huge loss if you do not have a watch. I use voice commands quite a bit on watches like the Apple Watch, because they are easy in a pinch, without hands free. Fitbit is particularly rare because it now supports Google Assistant on devices with voice connectivity. I currently use a Samsung phone and a Galaxy Watch 4, but how to use it with other Android phones is still a big issue. On the other hand, Samsung has installed Bixby on older Galaxy watches connected to Android.

To get the body sensor information based on the electrical impedance, tap the button on the watch with two fingers for 15 seconds, and still hold it to complete the circuit, because the watch is a weak current flows through the body. This is a bit like reading your heart rate on an electrocardiogram (ECG or ECG), unless it’s fast. Generate readings for body mass index, skeletal muscle mass, water weight, and fat percentage.

Estimate t and mark each real number in a small range from green (low) to red (high). I pay l that this figure is a bit of a battle. all mine Min. I know my weight is high and I know my BMI. rest of it He also looked very scared. The thing is, he does not know what to do next. Samsung Health At the moment, they do not provide guidance on seeing a doctor, how to make healthy choices, or how worrying the results are.

I feel more stressed about constantly judging and doubting my life choices. Ideally, you should want your health sensors to guide you forward, It will not lead you into trouble. Using the phone microphone to monitor snoring situations as an add-on, I tried this first night … But it failed. However, I use CPAP so I can not snore.

But I also use a fan by the bed to remove the white noise. I tried to sleep for a while without CPAP, No snoring yet. Then I realized I had to plug my phone into a charger at night to collect readings. On the second night, I slept for a while without CPAP, and finally got a snoring reading, but it was strange: At first, it showed only one instance of snoring (did I stop snoring later?).

It’s a recording of the Samsung Health app, which means yes, your phone will listen to it, and sometimes it’s recorded at night. Second, how does the perception of snoring affect taste? snoring Quite simply. Because snoring is not always an indicator of sleep apnea. A CPAP machine is required. againIf light, deep, and REM sleep tracking measures, such as the sleep score you provide, do not appear to be related to snoring. This is a very strange new feature, I do not know what to do Unless you want reliable evidence of my snoring.

When enabled in Samsung Health settings, blood oximetry is turned on at night (snoring detection is also a switch setting). Because the blood oximetry of the watch is medically inaccurate, we found that it was much more versatile than a standard pulse oximeter worn on the finger. maybe it Could it help determine if blood oxygenation has dropped? Likewise, its use is difficult to assess.

Samsung has a way of controlling the blood pressure of the watch with an optical heart rate sensor, but it needs to be calibrated with a blood pressure wristband. it is versatile It is approved for use with ECG in countries but is not used in the United States. What I do is map my imaginary print to a color gradient from green to red. Also: You need a Samsung phone and Samsung Health Monitor app to use the ECG and blood pressure features. Unfortunately, they are not yet available on Android; maybe they will change someday.

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