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Lee Jae-myeong "Procurator, I hope you do not give an answer" … Go home after 13 hours of investigation | Politie


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My question question Twitter questions contain "sharing and checking your women"
Recipients of research into six suspects … A suspect lady

Lee Jae-myeong, Governor of the Gyeonggi Province, has included confidence as "forced recount of his brother-in-law," went home after a 13-hour follow-up.

Lee said, "I hope the court did not investigate and respond," said the government after the investigation at 11.17 and left the Suwon District Prosecutor Office.

He said that the criminal investigation of the application of abuse of authority in relation to obligations of "socially responsible for a brother-in-law" and said, "Why not consider whether it is a sin or not?"

"My wife thinks she was wrongly treated," said his wife Kim Hye-kyung, who was asked to investigate the predecessor's predecessor of President Lal Jae-in his son. I think it's about to assess it. "

"My wife says several times that they share and administer Twitter accounts," she told her about her use of Twitter.

On the first day of & # 39; The period said the police that three of the suspects sentenced to death. The governor of # 39 was courtesy of # 39; The law of three legal proceedings, including prostitution (Lee Jae-sinne and small), I sent it to the election in # 39; the opinion of the office on the case.

The governor is charged with his authority, such as the direction of government officials in # the direction of his brother in the law to force his brother in ' to give the law,

He was arrested on suspicion of involvement in forced hospitalization, and the police offered the same instructions for new officers.

The governor decided the lawyer on December 10 at the same day and actually stated the claim that "forced expulsion was done by his brother," and said, "Regulatory grimes" in relation to the compulsive telegram.

In addition, the stadtholder also misled that he was injured in the provincial election proceedings 6-13, although he was sentenced to a fin of 1.5 million won, I was charged with one.

Judgment has verified several facts about the scandal of the actress, The # 39 in # 39; a form of a subcoding was sent, and the fact that the policeman was abused by the so-called ' gangster 's & # 39; Add Ilbe & # 39 ;.

The stadtholder deserves the guidelines in the survey, the # 39 in any case in # 39; the form of dialogue and related issues has disappeared.

The Plans plan to finally decide whether the explanation of abuse of abuse and treaty of 'public election law' (falsification of facts) is based on & # 39; the results of the investigation of a facsimile.

According to the Official Public Election Law, the presidential election procedure is December 13 (six months of the election day).

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