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[스포츠투데이 이호영 기자] KBS's November release for the audience to save the 'lay down' is. It 's a big surprise that I will put a lot of weight on the smile and meaning that penetrate rather than laughing with loud subtitles and editing. Regardless of the realm of the artistic literary current affairs.

On November 12, KBS Nuri-dong opened a new program presentation session in November. KBS 1TV A variety of stories have been told about the new entertainment program 'Street dinner', 'Kim Yeong – cheol' s wheel 'and KBS 2TV' Private life of secrets and great animals 'and' Temporary village 'Samcheong – dong grandmother'. The event was attended by Kim Duk-jae, general manager of production, Hwang Dae-joon, director of production marketing, Lee Sang-woon Productions 1, Kang Hee-jung Productions 3,

As a result, five new performing arts programs are launched in a row in November. The producers gave their confidence to each other's programs, but they were confident that they would not be trapped in a frame called 'Entertainment'.

Let's first look at the privacy of the secret and great animal. Star is the director of the natural documentary, and the program which completes the mini documentary by photographing the beauty of the wonderful and mysterious nature and the special story of the animal living in it. Lee, Seong-hil, who is a young lady, is appearing. It will be broadcasted first at 8:55 pm on the 23rd.

'The Privacy of the Secret and Great Animal' Choi Jae-hyung has been fortunate that the tone of the entire program has never been tailored to the performing arts. It is another unexpected answer to other entertainment programs that list laugh points. He said, "It's a program planned since summer of 2017. I planned to include stories about nature and human sympathy and coexistence, and it took me a long time to find a cast that matches this intention and mind."

"I wanted to make a distinction between genre such as entertainment, culture, and documentary," said Moon Geun-young, who captured the Antarctic penguin in the camera. I did not want to disparage myself, but I wanted to implement the planning intention that I would like to have a good heart to report on the broadcasts. I am confident that I am confident. If it is a fun point, unlike other programs, I have really real stories.

'Just a little while,' Choi Sungil PD's intentions were similar. 'Just a few minutes away' is a local residence tour program that allows you to relax and live in a city with your child outside your home. Joe politics Jeong Eun Joe and Park Ji Yoon, the greatest actor, Kim Hyung Kyu and Kim Min Jae appear. It is broadcasted at 11:15 pm on the 30th.

Choi PD said, "The couple has traveled to Korea." Park Ji-yoon and his daughter went to Helsinki, Finland, and Kim Hyung-kyu went to Bali with his son, who will enjoy a little fun in a city. "

He stipulated that 'For awhile, Village' is closer to a liberal arts program. Choi PD said, "I do not think about the artistic point at all, I started to think of it as a spin up into the world on foot, but I started off with lyrical subtitles and editing. I will be able to smile when I see the situation, "he said." Those who stay in a city will bring out a little fun. They will find a room, a room, a story with their neighbors, an alley and a bruise "I will pursue small fun, and I can be bored.

"Samcheong-dong grandmother" also built a lineup that was hard to expect laughing laughs. It is a reality program that shows foreign grandmothers from France, Belgium, Hungary, Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand opening and operating a restaurant in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. Kim Young Cheol, Andy Eric Nam, Stella Chang, and Jay Lee. It is because of the bored pictures of grandmothers from around the world who do not speak.

Lee Chang-sun expressed that the PD was a program that originated from 'curiosity'. He said, "I started with questions about world cups, and I asked them what they really were, and they focused on the grandmothers who would best serve their rice. It will be another point. "

The point of entertainment comes from unexpected breathing. The PD said, "The breathing of grandmothers and entertainers will be awesome too." I think that it is not the criterion of entertainment that is much more funny and less funny. "Please do not worry." It will be broadcasted at 10:50 pm on the 24th.

'Kim Yeong-cheol's wheel in the neighborhood' and 'dinner on the street' are the opposite. It is a current education program, but it is not going to completely exclude artistic laughter. It is the leader who made possible the cast in the laughter cycle.

'The One Wheel of Kim Yeong-cheol' is a city-travel documentary program that rediscoveres the hidden charm of the neighborhood as well as the beauty of the neighborhood and the oasis that have been lost and lived in the era of speed. It will be broadcasted at 7:10 pm on the 24th.

Jung-hoon PD, who directed the director, said, "I try to approach the old shops, people, and the humanities in the streets." Kim Young-cheol makes an analog approach to the city's old shops and people's stories. "If you watch the broadcast, you will want to go there with your family."

'Dinner at the street' is a current affairs program in which three women in different fields (Park Mi-sun, Kim Ji-yoon Kim So-young) It will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 16th.

Kang Hee-jun PD was very proud of the hot current program. "It's a current affair program, but it's different, it's not a lot of male-centric programs, it's a woman-centered approach, a middle-aged female actor," he said. I will go to the scene and listen to the real story, I will share a warm affair with them. "

Lee Ho Young, [email protected]

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