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Jeju United, & # 39; Tiger Hunter & # 39; Magne dreams of a reverse drama


(Seoul = Focus News) Lee Cheol-sang, rapporteur of Jeju United (SK Energy Team, Jeju), runs for the dramatic drama training program of 2018.

Jeju will join Ulsan Hyundai at the KEB Hana Bank K League 1 2018 37th round match at the Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 25th.

Currently Jeju is licensed for sixty-six with 48 points. To qualify for the qualification for the AFC Champions League, Ulsan will win the Suwon match on December 2nd and Ulsan will win the FA Cup.

Pohang (points 53 points) should run in the two other matches. It is positive that Pohang champion Jeonbuk is and Ulsan rival.

Jeju is decided to take each game. There is no power of force. A match in fire was the Japanese J-League Cerezo Osaka and Korea-Japan held professional football team exchanges and the heat was refined.

The magnitude of Magnano, which was strong in Ulsan, is also the best. Magno scored three goals against Ulsan. Especially two of the three goals were strong enough to be the target.

"I do not think it's still," said Magnano. "Ulsan is a tricky game, but I want to focus on ending, and I wish all other similarities for fans."

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