Monday , January 25 2021

Inflammatory implants, periodontal disease should be reconsidered

[이데일리 이순용 기자] Gingivitis and periodontal disease are the next most common diseases among Koreans in hospitals. The periodontal disease is a terrible disease in which the jawbone melts and disappears when the condition is left for a long time after an initial stage of inflammation only on the gingival surface, and the teeth are shaken depending on the progress and the teeth are later removed. These periodontal diseases are not caused only in the natural teeth, but they are similar to the implant implants due to periodontal diseases. This is why tooth and gum care should be done hard after implant treatment.

◇ If bad oral care, as well as cavities, periodontal disease

Since childhood, our country receives oral management education focusing on prevention of tooth decay. However, the diseases that arise when we do not manage oral hygiene properly include periodontal disease, which we refer to as taste or gum disease, as well as cavities.

"As the focus of oral education is on tooth decay, many people respond sensitively to tooth decay," said Professor of Periodontology, Kyunghee University, Hansung University. "In contrast, periodontal disease is a sign of aging, There are many tendencies to solve. " However, periodontal disease is a preventable disease like tooth decay if proper oral hygiene is managed through accurate brushing.

◇ periodontal disease, loss of teeth when left without symptoms

There is a story that is mainly made when a patient who has not frequent dentistry visits in a few decades. The teeth are all right, but they go to the private dentist and they have to go to the university hospital just to get rid of them. It is a phenomenon that occurs when patients have a sickness due to 'slow progression' and 'mild subjective symptoms', one of the characteristics of chronic periodontal disease. Sometimes there is only a feeling that the gums are swollen on a bad day. This is the time when the gum bone melts and periodontal disease progresses. At this time, it is necessary to subtract it after progressing to such a degree that the symptom is worsened without being treated, the pain at the time of chewing and clear subjective symptoms such as tooth fluctuation appear.

◇ The same periodontal disease that occurs in the implant

Will it be the end of the period when the gum disease is removed and the new implant treatment is given? If the oral hygiene is not done properly, the gum disease will begin the same process in the implants. However, the more frightening thing is that the difference in the surrounding tissues between the natural teeth and the implants accelerates the progression rate. In other words, if the natural teeth given by the parents are able to withstand external infections and contamination for decades, the implant implanted by the outside physician can be broken to an extent that can only be removed in a few years if an external infection occurs. Prevention of periodontal disease is essential to maintain healthy implants in place of natural teeth.

◇ Implantation for periodontal disease Removal for periodontal disease again

Implants should also be removed if the surrounding bone loss is more than two thirds of the total length or if the implants are wobbling, as the natural teeth have already worsened symptoms due to periodontal disease in the front. However, if you want dentistry before it gets worse, as you can continue to use the teeth through periodontal treatment in natural teeth, the implants can also be made available even if there is some bone loss through the treatment of the surrounding implants.

"If you have been treated with implants, you have to be careful about oral hygiene," said Professor Hansung. "It is very important to manage the oral condition with a specialist through regular dental treatment."

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