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Incheon Junior High School studies, photos of school singers (video) – Kookmin Ilbo


Incheon junior school graduated in the same day a group of students who were attacked by students of # 39; the victims. Another student witnessed the scene in the scene, "The atmosphere was strange." He also said he had killed the victim.

Two female students who were targeted at & # 39; the day of the era, gave a picture of the same time that was discovered on the 28-year MBC. It is said that the park is attracted to the place before the full scale begins in the park. A group with a white long padding was to take a whole student then a whole student. Group A was appended to the power, and the position was bent.

A schoolmaster, where photo was taken, showed that a group of students who went to school in # 39; The PC room on the afternoon on & # 39; the day of the & # 39; period in & # 39; the school was pulled out and a vote on the nearest park in & # 39; bring the park and take another decision and conquer it. The girl said, "I was almost dragged." This photo is included in & # 39; CCTV fan & # 39; the closest store. (In some cases, the video is not displayed on the gateway.

A student has a park in which 2 people were fired at 2 o'clock, said: "I had my donation connected to a student who was attacked and dropped more than 10 times and fell on her cheeks. " "I want to live," said 20 to 30 times, but the student leaves the decision: "I love this time most," he said. She also said she was bleeding like a walking nose. The teacher mastered the student and said that A had resigned. However, the A team returned to the school of students who were injured, and after this hour attacked on a rooftop on the roof of # the neighborhood of this evening, fell down.

Four of the forwards in & # 39; the time of the door of & # 39; The baptisms were also open to the audience after the event. The first reported to residents, "The yellow egg-baby boy said he only had his clothes and the girl said they wanted to die before their parents disappeared their children, and they fell and said that she was shot down and her children dropped.

The witness said, "There was one man and three women, but the woman cried with a scar and called the name of the victim."

A group was proud of the paddle jumper that the student received from a student who lived, but it was not just 50,000 won, and the witness of the # 39; The surrounding people who were received from another friend were introduced for the broadcast. (In some cases, the video is not displayed on the gateway.

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