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I'll take a cold, I'll give it a big day '… Watch out for pneumonia!


Excerpt within the respiratory tract of the Korean hospital Seung-tae Han

68three AHe's a patient who has not had a cough.. I simply took a break from taking a cold and bought a cold medicine at the pharmacy, but the symptoms were not alleviated and I was given medical care. AMr. X-ray He was hospitalized for pneumonia.. When the weather gets cold AThe number of people seeking a hospital for respiratory diseases is growing., Many of them are diagnosed with pneumonia.. I'm going to learn about pneumonia, which is common and very dangerous for today's World Pneumonia Day..

Pneumonia is caused by various bacteria, virus, It causes inflammation of the lungs and bronchi due to mold.. Pneumococcus, a major cause of bacterial pneumonia, is very common around us. If there is no problem in usual, but the immunity is weak, it penetrates through the respiratory tract and causes inflammation., Especially cold or flu, It often occurs when the immune system is in a state of low immunity due to other underlying diseases.

The pneumonia is terrible because of empyema or lung abscess, It can lead to fatal complications such as sepsis and even death.. According to the National Statistical Office, death due to pneumonia 2007Year population 10Per thousand people 9.4From people 2017year 37.8By name 4More than doubled, However,, heart disease, Causes of death following brain disease 4Above. But the risk is not as well known as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The problem is that elderly people do not have the energy and the appetite is low.. Even if you have symptoms, cough, High fever, The sputum is similar to a cold, so it is difficult for the patient to notice itself, and the treatment is delayed, leading to death or causing a lot of time and expense to be treated.. therefore 65Chronic illnesses with low immunity as well as older people, Infants and toddlers with cold-like respiratory illness, If you feel sullen when you breathe, have no appetite, and you feel sick, you should seek medical advice.

If you want to prevent pneumonia, the most important thing is vaccination.. The prevention effect of pneumonia through vaccination is maximum 84%To. Compared with unvaccinated persons, the mortality rate or the ICU hospitalization rate 40%There are also studies that show a decrease. However, the pneumococcal vaccination rate is barely 23%Only. Pneumococcal vaccine 13Defending against bacteria 13A vaccine, 23Defending against bacteria 23There is a vaccine., 65Even after three years 23The vaccine is free.. first 13The vaccine is inoculated, OneYear back 23It is better to inoculate the vaccine. Also, each year, the influenza viruses that are read each year are different,.

I am a bit sick because there are many people who regard tolerance as virtue, Small symptoms such as coughing or fever can be the beginning of pneumonia and a terrible complication. Preparing for vaccination, Please listen to your body's signal and be a healthy old age..

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