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Only 5 days left in the budget process and only 490.6 billion won in the budget.
Two days of the decision by oppositional opposition

The budget for the next year's budget of 470 trillion (2nd December) is for 5 days on the road, but the budget of # The administrative and opposition parties were on the second day after the last day. "The government should bring in 4 trillion wins of revenue, through cuts in broad taxes, etc. The government tries to remove the budget, the tax revenue is insufficient and the spending budget can not be reduced," he said. . In addition, the Democratic Party has asked "the opposition party to return to the budget bill and it will be treated as it is discussed." Until this day, the budget note was reported to be as low as 60% of the total.

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Chung Jae-won (second from left), a Korean specialist in the board of directors on # 39; the 27th in the National Assembly of # The Council, Vice Minister Kim Yong-jin, deputy chairman, Ahn Sangsoo, president of the judiciary, deputy chairman of the Democratic Party, Lee Hye-hoon. / Reporter Lee, Duk-hoon

Ahn Sang-soo, chairman of the party of # 39; The Korean party, called the three leading party leaders and the Ministry of Strategy and Financial Morning in the morning to discuss the "4 trillion won deficit". After setting up the budget for the national meeting in September, the government has regulated measures to cut down the bulk of taxes and strengthen local finances. As a result, the deficit has won a total of 4 trillion due to the loss of 1.1 trillion won and won 2.9 trillion of future revenue. The opposition party demanded measures against tight taxes, but the information business has so far been unable to offer an alternative.

Kim Seong-tae, member of the Grand National Party (GNP), criticized the government, saying: "After the government starts the cows (4 trillion won) and does not take any measures." The government tries to end the end of # "The government has asked the Cabinet to come up with measures such as drafting a modified budget The government was important to the government until the end of the year .

The report signed one sheet of A4 paper to opposition legislators. It is said that 161 are all over and $ 490.6 billion won in & # 39; Four days of 'so-called' adjustment of budgetary budget. However, the opposition party still strongly declined, saying: "4 trillion won is a point, but there is no need to lower the 500 million."

"If the budget of the National Assembly has been sold 4 ~ 5 trillion, it is the procedure to start raising." But in places where the government demands 4 trillion, Where do you see the trilogy? "Lee Hye-hoon, a lawyer of the governing Uri party, said," The government must pay the total amount of # 39; the debt is canceled.

Democratic party leader Hong Young-pyo said: "The rule has made many concessions, but will not give more." "The issue of the 4th trillion won deficit is a problem that can fully discuss the ruling and opposition companies." The minister of the KCTU said: "It seems like we do not find a cake, but we do not have much more to do about the plan for connecting the election and the budget of Democratic Party, an official of the Democratic Party said, "The opposition party seems to attempt to promote the budget for intergovernmental economic cooperation, win growth and poverty budget by drawing 4 trillion." But "Moon Jae-in can the core budget of & # 39; the government does not reach. "

Cheong Wa Dae, head of staff, Han Byung-soo, visited the National Assembly to discuss the case with the head of the ruling Uri Party and the government. Kim Dong-yeon, State Secretary of Economy, said: "As part of the decentralization and policy of the City Council, the opposition party can understand the problem."

Inside and outside the National Assembly there is a concern that "the opposition of government and opposition parties can eliminate the legal term." According to National Board of Directors, if the administrative party does not agree to agree on the budget, the administrative party is favorable in negotiating the government automatically convenes the board on December 2 to the plenary session. Yet, the Democratic Party (129 seats) can not fit the mood. The Democratic Party of Korea (14 seats) is against "the fourth member of deficit budget" itself and the Democratic Party of Korea (DPJ).

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