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"I did not know that it was young" False clarification? "Check" – Sports today


[스포츠투데이 윤혜영 기자] Wrapper Microdot Agency is the statement of the situation after the apology for microdate-full fraud.

On May 22, a member of the company Microdot company that was "affirming" on Sports Today that it relates to the request of red – redemption and online writings of the daughter of # 39; the battle.

An officer said, "We organize our positions, and we will take our position as it should be."

In short, there is a controversy over the recent online article that Mmothat's parents won hundreds of millions of wounds against their neighbors fled to Jecheon, Chungbuk 20 years ago and fled to New Zealand. So Microdot's business said it was "unbearable," but declared legal answers, and then the victims provoked the damage, later they tried "I will be responsible as a child."

"I would like to visit one of the people who told me that I had suffered damage, and I will hear it," said Professor Micodet, "I said to the victims,I was five years old when my family immigrated to New Zealand. I did not know exactly what was done until January news stories and I talked to my parents about. "

However, when the testimony of Dodd's wife and the testimonies come in their face, it comes out again, it seems that the criticism against him is again stronger.

An official at the Jecheon Police Office in Chungbuk Province said on July 22: "I'm trying to contact Micromet, but I can not connect it." We ask for a red request from Interpol to confirm an establishment of Microdat's parents. If it is secured, it requires the volunteer center or surrender of criminals, and if it does not respond, it will continue through a wounded record process. "

The daughter of a victim, who suffered financial damage to her parents on October 22, denied that it was "unconscious" by the online community.

His daughter posted a letter in a form of a letter to # 39; Both brothers, clearly a picture of the former Sanchez of Mordat. He said, "Jae-min (Sanchez) Oh, I think I know why you can not say now.I do not think I can remember it, because I can not refuse it." that I play with myself when I was young? "I asked," Why did you beat the child? "

He said, "I asked my family to come and live with my parents when I was in Chusok, and then my family that my parents and Jecheon had a real mouse, why did you not Tell why? "I know you have someone you have," he said, "I will tell you a factual poem.

On December 21, Chungbuk's MBC made an interview with the victim. According to Mr. B,Some went to his son on the KBS station. "I told my father that he had me," and he said, "Why do you speak to me about the guilt of your father? There is nothing to say. So this guy came just down. I can not do anything to my son, because I must go to my father and ask him for money. "

Despite the fact that MICHELDAT recovers the controversy over 'theory of false explanations'. There is not a small amount of response from users who are out of & # 39; To celebrate the festivities, and also the prize. It is clear that MICRODAT, that has been in the wrong place, will take another position.

Yoon Hye-young reporter: [email protected]

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