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Hyundai unveils large-sized SUV 'Palisade' … Maximizing interior space: Beads N


HYUNDAI, Jan. 9 (Xinhuanet) – Hyundai Motor Company said on Tuesday it has decided to name its flagship SUVs 'PALISADE'. Palisade 'will be unveiled for the first time in the world at the Los Angeles Auto Show on June 28 (local time). In Korea, pre-contract will be concluded at the end of November.

According to Hyundai Motor, Palisade's products and UX planners, designers, and engineers conduct key market consumer surveys and competitive model tests from the pre-development stage to maximize the "Intuitive Usability Experience" ), Which were reflected in new cars.

The space provided by the Palisades is designed to provide a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle for all passengers, including the driver, beyond the convenience of the driver.

To this end, the interior design has been finished with a simple but elegant style, eliminating complicated components, and has the highest level of space (headroom, leg room) in its class considering the space used by the driver and passengers.

In addition, it offers a variety of seat varieties that simplify the operation so that customers can use two or three rows of spaces smartly for leisure, sports, travel, and shopping.

Especially, the design and the new technology are applied to the three-row passenger which is easy to be neglected in terms of convenience compared to the driver's seat and the two-row seat.

In addition, the intuitive usability is maximized so that drivers and passengers can easily and conveniently operate various advanced safety features within the vehicle.

"In a large SUV market, it is necessary to provide more value beyond basic driving performance," said Hyundai. "In order to achieve this, Palisade will provide the driver and passenger with their own leisure time in the spacious space provided by this car. "We have focused on delivering innovative safety and convenience features and ease of use."

Meanwhile, the name 'Palisade' was inspired by the Pacific Palisades beach area in southern California, USA.

The area is an upscale residential area on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is home to master-style masterpieces of mid-century modern style designed by world-famous star architects.

Jung Jin-soo, a journalist at [email protected]

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