Friday , January 28 2022

How much does Hanwha cost?


'Catch on the spot' / photo = TVN broadcast screen capture
[스포츠투데이 김현민 기자] The price of Menbosha, which was presented at the 'Eat at the local place', attracted attention.

Cable TV broadcasted on the 10th TVN entertainment program 'Will it eat on the spot? Chinese chef '(hereafter' I'll eat locally ') in China, Qingdao cheerleaders last year, the cheek Lee Hyeonhwan, Hankyunghwan, Kimgangwoo,

On the day of the broadcast, the sales price of the men's chauffeur, which was 25 yuan, was down by 20 yuan. Lee Yeon-bok said, "The limit is definitely 20 yuan, and it is a good experience."

On the other hand, 20 yuan is equivalent to about 3250 won.

Kim Hyun Min reporter [email protected]

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