Sunday , October 17 2021

Goldman Sachs has won 7.5 million – sports races

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) fines a note to obtain a maximum penalty of 7,548.8 million on Goldman Sachs International, a foreign investment bureau in # 39; UK,

The Financial Supervision (FSS) has previously won the introduction of a 1 billion penalty, but the Supreme Court has included penalties to raise awareness.

Fifteen (63%) of 71 penalty points due to the unpaid short sale in & # 39; In the past five years were built, only had "attention" of authorities.

Goldman Sachs logo

Goldman Sachs logo

Goldman Sachs broke the short sales restrictions on the 156 named stocks (40.1 billion won) that were not May 30 to May 31 last. Kwon said that the research did not contain any explanation of uncomfortable transactions, such as manipulation of a market or reader information.

Most countries, such as Korea, provide the correlation of short sales, deserved earnings, and unforeseen short sales, the orders without levycers, is illegal.

According to the Supervisory Board, Goldman Sachs was primarily intended to target the desired amount in the online negotiation menu. to enter into business program and ask for the benefit of & # 39; The loan institution (deputy institution) I made a mistake in history.

The latter is a way that a broker negotiates with a loan with an institutional investor via telephone or messenger and individually the result.

As a result, employees did not offer a real offer, but did not know that the short sale was short sale, he said.

Goldman Sachs – online loan program has been developed to make non-cash transactions in business with the approval of # 39; The loan institution, but an offline method such as phones can be introduced as financiers will be announced without authorization.

The internal control system of Goldman Sachs is not enough.

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