Wednesday , June 7 2023

`Game festival` Gesta opening 15th … The largest scale ever, new release


The biggest festival in the domestic game industry, 'G-Star 2018' will be held in BEXCO, Busan from 15th to 18th.
The new exhibition will be open to the public and it will be the largest exhibition ever.
According to the game industry on March 13, game companies will exhibit new works at this year 's Star. Nexon will show 14 kinds of PC and mobile games, and Netmarble will show 4 kinds of mobile games. Many of the games released by G-Star will be released next year.
Nexon unveils 'Wind Country: Yan', a reinterpretation of the online game "Wind Country" released in 1996 as a mobile.
Together with the mobile game MMORPG (Multi-access role playing game) 'Traca', which is considered as a mobile game and an assertive work of 'Crazy Arcade' (released in 2001), 'Tales Weaver' (2003) and 'Mabinogi' (2004) It is public.
Netmarble comes with four new titles, including 'Seven Knights 2', 'The King of Fighters All Star' and 'A3: Still Alive' along with the expected 'Blade & Soul Revolution' in G-Star.
Blade & Soul Revolution, which will be launched on the 6th of next month, has been receiving favorable responses since its launch, including 50 servers in four days in advance booking.
Epic Games, which succeeded in box office all over the world this year, participated in the G-Star B2C booth for the first time this year, and attracted industry attention as a G-Star main sponsor. This is the first time that foreign companies have taken over Gisuta Main sponsor.
Epic Games intends to strengthen its efforts to domestically market with G-Star.
XD Global, a Chinese game company that has become popular in Korea as 'Girl Front', will participate as a stand-alone booth at G-Star.
It is also interesting that not only game companies, but also cloud, block chain and other related companies are attracting many customers to attract potential customers.
Naver and NHN Entertainment unveil the game-to-business business-to-business (B2B) cloud products 'GamePot' and 'GameBase 2.0' side by side. Microsoft will run programs such as gaming content, and Google Cloud and Tencent Cloud will participate in the show.
e-Sports is also expected to get hot. Epic Games will demonstrate Port Knight on platforms such as PCs, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices at the B2C Pavilion, and attend events featuring celebrity streamers, game creators, and professional athletes.
PUBJI CORPORATION prepares a battleground booth.
KT 5G Battleground Mobile Street Challenge 'on the main stage in the center of the booth.
On the 15th and 16th afternoon,[067160] It will be held on the 17th and 18th of the pre-destruction battleground where the famous BJ 64 people will participate and will hold special matches featuring popular BJ, Yoo Byeong-jae and others.
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