Thursday , January 20 2022

E-Mart, Black Io Memorial Cave 23% off sale


(Photo = Emart)
[이데일리 송주오 기자] E-Mart sells 'Namhaean Oysters 1 bag (250g)' at the 'Black Io' ceremony for about 4,580 won, 23% less than last year's event.

In particular, the company plans to sell Yeosu Dolsan Excavator 1 bar (135g) for 3980 won for the first week from 22nd to 28th.

The Yeosu area is adjacent to the Daeho Sea, so the difference between the tides is large and the water temperature is lower by 3 ~ 4 degrees than other areas.

Because of this, the oysters in this area have low risk of noroviruses and shellfish toxins, and the size is suitable for eating and has a deep flavor.

E-Mart has set up this event to reduce oyster concerns and stimulate oyster consumption and diversify its production areas so that consumers can buy oysters at a reasonable price compared to last year.

Continued drought caused lack of plankton, which is the main food of oysters, and oyster prices have been on the rise as oysters have been affected by ocean temperatures since the heat wave this year.

Looking at the quantity and price trends of oyster auction in Tongyeong, the price of oyster auction decreased by 37.9% compared to the same period of the previous year, while price rose by 52.5% to 88,000 won per box. In the third week of November, 14.5%, while the price was 4% cheaper.

Compared with the same period of last year, prices have been lowered, but oyster prices are expected to rise by 20% YoY, considering that the price of oyster was rising due to the increase in oyster demand during the same period last year.

According to information on agricultural product distribution, the retail price of oyster (product, 1kg) is 17,151 won (based on 16th), which is 4.7% higher than a year ago and 2.5% higher than normal.

Kim Seung-tae, a fish buyer from E-Mart, said, "Kim Jang-chul, whose demand for oysters is rising, and Yeongsu and southern coastal oysters are preparing for the winter, and the price is expected to rise due to sluggish growth of oysters this year. I can do it. "

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