Sunday , August 1 2021

Cuban polysanol strives to make cholesterol management more important

Being common habits, the importance and importance of cholesterol management day day. Particularly in the case of middle-aged diets that have the wrong diet, high levels of cholesterol may have been serious, such as hypertension and diabetes.

Policosanol has a lot of attention for the elderly attracted as the importance of cholesterol management grows. However, not all polysosanol products are the same efficiency.

"The results of a human physical application conducted by the Cuban National Institute of Scientific Research show that adults who are polysoanol, are a functionally derived from Cuba's faster channel, during 20 weeks on a 4-week lecturer, had a 22% reduction in LDL and a HDL level of 29.9%, "Cuban is the only province to be considered polysosanol, which increases HDL cholesterol and lowers LDL cholesterol."

Although the polysosanol in most plants includes sugar birds, the effect greatly changes depending on & # 39; a compositional ratio and content of aliphatic alcohols that form polysophanol. In addition, the efficiency depending on the plant where it is being postponed and the location where the plant is made changes, it must be investigated whether the functional food is a functional food.

"Unlike plushosanol that has been exported from Cuba's blood sugar, polysoanalysis from other countries, such as theater cannons and other types of plants, is not the basis for improving cholesterol levels," the official said. "Policosanol If you have to buy food, you need to be extra careful."

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