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Corona Increases Colorectal Cancer – Health Korea News


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Joon-Hwa Song, Internal Medicine Specialist / Director of Bonseo Hospital
Joon-Hwa Song, Internal Medicine Specialist / Director of Bonseo Hospital
[헬스코리아뉴스 / 송준화] Colonoscopy is the most accurate diagnostic method for early detection of colorectal cancer, because it allows direct observation of the entire colon by inserting an endoscope into the colon.

Endoscopists can observe the interior of the large intestine with the naked eye, and it is possible to remove carcinogenic polyps during the procedure. Therefore, it is well known that colonoscopy reduces the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer.

However, it was found that the number of colonoscopy studies is declining due to the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection that began in 2020. This reduction continued from February 2020 until recently, and it seems to be due to the occurrence of visits to medical institutions due to the fear of the corona virus. In addition, the number of colorectal cancer screenings performed by healthy, asymptomatic individuals has been significantly reduced.

As a result, an analysis of patients who have recently undergone colorectal cancer surgery shows that the rate of advanced colorectal cancer requiring open surgery is increasing. At the same time, the number of cases of simultaneous resection of other organs by invasion of adjacent organs is increasing.

The number of respiratory diseases has been greatly reduced due to the prolongation of our life cycle and suppression of activities, but it is becoming another obstacle for cancer patients such as colorectal cancer who need early detection and treatment.

The enemy of health is indifference and avoidance. Even those who normally take good care of their health are inclined to visit hospitals for fear of infection with the corona virus. Especially those with symptoms such as constipation, bleeding, abdominal pain, and weight loss should undergo active colonoscopy, regardless of age after consultation with a specialist.

It reiterates the fact that health research is essential for maintaining a healthy body in an outdated society. [글 : 송준화 내과전문의 / 본서부병원 원장]

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