Saturday , October 1 2022

Conflict until the last minute … Despite the comments of ‘Lee Jae-myung arrested’ "take political responsibility" / YTN – YTN news


  1. Conflict until the last minute … “You have to take political responsibility” despite comments on ‘Lee Jae-myung’s arrest’ / YTNYTN news
  2. Lee Jae-myung’s side “You need to take political responsibility” Lee Nak-yeon’s side “Extensive interpretation of Seol-hoon’s comments”Hankyoreh
  3. Lee Jae-myung’s page “The trend is decided, one team as betrayal” … Lee Nak -yeon “The Democratic Party feels unknown” – Chosun IlboChosun Ilbo
  4. Power of the people, quarterfinals confirmed … Democrats confirmed candidates D-2 / YTNYTN news
  5. Family fight crossing the border … ‘One Team’ rif to the leagueMaeil Economic Daily
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