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MAS FIGHT Facebook Capture.
MAS FIGHT Facebook Capture.
[천지일보=박혜옥 기자] Choi Hong-man (38), a techno goliath of 220cm, was humiliated by a monk fighter who was 40cm or more smaller than himself.

Choi Hong-man was defeated by a monk Fighter I-Rong (31, 176 cm) in the first event of the 'Marshallism Square Fight World Grand Prix' main event in Irakong, Macau Venetian Hotel, China on October 10.

Choi Hong-man, who allowed a few punches from the beginning of the game, used his big size to drive Leeon to the corner, but he could not use any attacking technique,

In the end, Choi Hong – man allowed a big punch in the face in just 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and he hit a low kick for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Afterwards, Choi Hong – man was shaken by giving a low kick to Sang – gup Lee – rong and lost in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Choi Hong – man asked Lee to give time to the beloved with his belly in his back. Choi Hong-man was told that he could not continue the game because he was lying on the floor, saying that he was being hit by his opponent.

The referee gave him time to recover for a few minutes, but Choi Hong-man failed to answer, and declared Lee's victory.

As a result of reading the video, it was found that the place where the opponent's foot was stuck was found to be the navel area rather than the quick one, and Choi Hong-un was eventually defeated by TKO.

Choi Hong-man, who was named after folk wrestling and standing-up martial arts, is playing an event-friendly game with players who are mainly in weight difference.

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