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Cause of stress? How are panic symptoms, self-diagnosis and treatment possible?


Panic, diabetes, and depression are typical psychiatric structions that have become a very common topic for modern people who have recently been involved. Panic stars, known as "Entertainer-sickness", is a complaint of animators, and the number of patients seeking psychiatric hospital and psychiatric clinic is increasingly larger. People who do not have symptoms of panic symptoms are the only teachers who learn more about panic artery than the stress is becoming more and more common. So, let's see if your symptoms are of panic and can be treated by panic disease by diagnosis of panic.

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Panacea disorder?

Panisynstjerre, one of the most recent changes in & # 39; the damn war, is a state of sudden surprise or wonder in a changed situation, and a state of fear that is alien. Strong exciting attacks and the various physical symptoms that have been associated with this, are unexpected feelings, which are unexpectedly unexpected. They are those who have repeatedly intensified, have a panic attack. This seems to be a combination of stress of various factors such as work and family life, age-olds, and human relationships, leading to panic.

The cause of panic disorder is # 39;

The latest studies, together with psychosocial factors, such as psychoanalytic theory and cognitive behavioral theory, have determined that biological factors are an important cause of panic trauma. It is natural for people to feel when they are in a state of objection. At this time, the organization of & # 39; The astrocytomas have many settings that feel great. The green matter of the heart plays a role in changing the brain cerebral cortex to deceive and accept the situation where it is not important and respond to & quot; the fear to escape or to freeze.

The stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the secretary of hormones, such as sweat or heartbeat, is divided by the hypothalamus, which provides the secretary of nepinephrine in the central nervous system, which plays an important role in the central nervous system, if in & # 39;

Symptoms of panic

Symptoms of panic unrest include, among other things, harsh arrest, respiratory arrest, sweat, sweat and breast density. The cause of panic repair is psychic and social cause of interpersonal stress, superfluous conflicts with other people or events, deviations of neurotransmitters, functional abnormalities such as temporary mouth, prefrontal lobe, heart disease, stroke, neurological causes such as overflow.

If stress in focus is high and chronic nervousness and rising, it is a signal of the body that have had strangely arousal stress disorder. If these strange symptoms of panic disorder occur, it is also useful to find a medical device after you have made the diagnosis. In addition, if you have no good reason and are easy to use, regrettable, irritable, or sleepy, you must temporarily cut the cut-off rate. Anxiety disorder does not seem to be a panic attack, but every moment is malignant and desperate for everyday life.

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So, let's see if your liver or panic stays lying through a diagnosis of panic.

△ It looks like the breathe is wounded or blocked. △ It seems that it is dizzy and arbitrary or maybe. △ pulse is decaying or the heart is richer. △ shake my hands and feet. △ It sweats. △ It looks like someone is his neck.
△ It seems like storm or failure. △ I feel like any other world or I feel like I am not myself. △ I feel dumb or incompetence in hands and feet. △ Feeling or chilling. △ I feel pain or discomfort in #brush.
△ I feel awkward to die. △ I'm sorry I'll forget, or I will not check myself.

If one of the symptoms listed above is given a bad min or minus 10 minutes, it may be a panic attack.

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