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Last year one of two children born in Korea was born in Korea with a separate section. However, most mothers are not sufficient to get a seperate section, so they do not have much fear of surgery and scratching in the neighborhoods. Especially complexes such as infection into sugary to surgery can cause older ones to stay larger.

Suturing with a medical adhesive (Histoacrylic) instead of attachment of skin with a lot is indicated to reduce surgical side complications and can be found in a cosmetic result. It is expected that the concerns of the prospect mother will be less.

Catholic University Seoul St. Mary's Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor Park Yn – Yang studied 209 mothers with medical adhesives were sealed after sekecs sex and 208 mothers who had the skin with a conventional lot stitchen.

As a result, the injection of surgical site complexes was 3.4%, lower than 5.3% of mothers with sutures.

There was no difference in the cosmetic effect between the two groups with the Vancouver Scaral scale, the elaborate sound gray size, area and stiffness.

Cesarean is a surgical procedure in which the abdominal and the uterus are injected and the fetus is provided. The transverse incidence is beneficial to a cosmetic site, but if necessary for health insurance or major incidence, the incidence may extend longer from the bottom pack. a Pubic Bone is made.

If much is used as a snack after the delivery, the hospital must be repeatedly removed to remove the cut after finishing. Pain can occur in removing and eating or nursing, it can make it easier to visit the hospital. Split removal can lead to infectious or surgical storms.

On the other hand, medical adhesives will spontaneously fall as the surgical site cleans. Suturing with many can be rejected, changing the business period and scoring. In addition, there is no need for bouncing with a connection to get water in the winning, what the cold of & # 39; the skin and the postoperative shower.

Professor Park In-Yang said, "While medical hygiene is recently expanded to surgical surgery, it is commonly used in seasarease, and it can be an alternative to existing surgical closure as a result of its beauty and superiority in reducing the risk of complications. " .

"In particular, skin adhesives can be useful for mucosal mothers, such as shady skin, can narrow down the central to seasary section," he said.

The study is published in the current edition of the PLoS ONE journal.

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