Monday , January 24 2022

Busan City Gathers Opinions on Ammonia Environmentally Friendly Energy Regulatory Free Zone


Panoramic view of Busan City Hall./International News DB
Panoramic view of Busan City Hall./International News DB

(Busan = International News) Reporter Ha-yeon Jo = The City of Busan announced that it will gather opinions from the 6th on the ‘Busan ammonia environmentally friendly special zone plan (concept)’ that will be submitted to the 6th special free zone scheme accompanied by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Unregulated special zones are designated in 14 cities and provinces, excluding the metropolitan area, and refer to special regulatory zones where new business-related regulations can be relaxed to test and verify new technologies to promote innovative companies as a strategic industry.

The comment period is until the 29th of this month, and the Busan Techno Park Policy Planning Team (051-865-6981) will receive insights and opinions on the special zoning plan (draft).

On the 16th of this month, an online public hearing will be held to gather opinions from experts, businesses and residents, and consult with the Regional Innovation Council.

The three projects included in this plan are environmentally friendly fuel cell ships, commercialization of portable liquid ammonia standard containers (ISO tank containers), and construction of portable fuel storage systems for ships.

The city plans to build a new carbon-neutral business technology base with ammonia, a carbon-free, environmentally friendly fuel, and create an ecological ecosystem for the energy industry by reducing regulations according to the designation of a special zone.

A city official said: “By designating the Special Zone for Environmentally Friendly Ammonia as the third special zone in Busan in October, it will be possible to respond preemptively to a carbon-neutral economy and prevent the environmentally friendly ship market, thereby strengthening competitiveness. of regional strategic industry. ”

The city plans to apply for the designation of a special zone at the Ministry of SMEs and Startups by reflecting the different opinions after collecting opinions of residents for about a month.

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