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AG curling gold player "Kim Kyung-doo, curling = family business, player = contractor … Let's do it "


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Kim Kyeong-do, a Korean national team player who is claiming to have suffered similar damage, has revealed that Kim Kyeong-do, vice chairman of the Korean Curling Federation and his daughter Kim Min-jung, have been treated unfairly, Kim tried to privatize many parts of the curling team. "

In an interview with CBS Radio 's news show' Kim Hyun – jeong 'on December 12, former Dong – Gun Kang and coach, who is currently a member of the curling team of Gangwon province, said, "Former vice president Kim Kyung – do recognizes curling as a family business. It has been about 20 years of using and dismissing players like subcontractors. Also, about thirty of his relatives and acquaintances are placed in curling. "

The coach, who claimed the men's first gold medal in Korea's curling history in the Aomori Winter Asian Games in 2003, said, "(Kim Kyung Doo, former vice chairman) said that when athletes make a grade and a team becomes an issue, "He said." I pressured him to present his (Kim's) veteran status through interviews and to interview him according to the prescribed scenario. "

Many players have suffered beyond their own, "he said. I have been taking these instructions for granted, "he said. "Kim said that he never made a rant, but he had his first wife, but he also got a recording file. Players were always exposed to such oppression and coercion. His rant is obvious. "

"Kim Kyung Doo tried to privatize the team. In 2006, former vice chairman Kim Kyung-do said, "Since I raised you as many as you can, you are the only one who will live for the next four years. "In a word, the players released. I came out so. "

"In 1999, our team was selected as the top pick in the national contest. By the way, there was a team of older guys older than us. "Kim wanted his older team to be a national representative rather than our team, and he forced us to resign," Kim said. "But at that time, the Curling League did not have a policy to raise his team to the top. There is a precedent in which Kim 's vice – chairman' I thought there was no reason to represent the country any more in that atmosphere. "

"I have actually excluded a player who was properly selected to use his disciples on the roster of representatives," he said, citing his position as Kim Kyung-doo. "I did not know curling as a discipline at the time of wrestling," he said.

The coach argues that former vice president Kim regards Curling as a family business and "privatizes a lot of it. Also, players have been using and disposing as subcontractors for about 20 years. In fact, you should look closely at the family relationship that leads to your son and daughter, son-in-law and nephew. Such people are placed in curling. Ten people will be added even if only relatives are involved. If you reach a close acquaintance, at least 2 to 30 people will be enough. "

He said, "Unlike other players who have dedicated their life to curling, they enjoy their own private life, study together and sometimes come to the training ground and shine their faces." His nephew, who experienced curling for a while, It was used for the position of analyst. "

His son, Kim Min-chan, also joined the PyeongChang Winter Olympic team as a negative way.

"It is necessary to confirm the fact that the Olympic national team has been selected for the process. At the time of the first round of selection, his son could not participate in the tournament as a soldier. I finally vacated my son's seat and joined him, "he said." I never played in the tournament, I became a national player. We need clarification and factual confirmation of this part. " "There is little history as a curling player," he said. Before marriage to director Kim Min Jung, he was the head of the English Academy. After marriage, he became the manager of the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association's men's team and national team. I do not have curling knowledge than director Kim Min-jung. "

"I did it at the time I was playing," Tim Kim said. I asked him to write his signature. I could not refuse to sign a strong leader with a strong power, "he said. Even if the details were recorded, it was also burdensome for the athletes to look in detail in front of the leader. For the money that clearly showed the amount, I paid less for the training fee. "My co-worker has been in charge of accounting for over 20 years." The coach also said, "The players were mobilized on the job at the Gyeongbuk Curling Training Center, which was built in 2006. He said, "It took about 3 to 10 months to check whether the pipe was leaked and the refrigerant leaked from the pipe." Kim also actively worked to buy work clothes. The players were very difficult, "he said.

On the other hand, he spent eight years at the Gyeongbuk Sports Association, where he belongs to Team Kim. He has been a coaching coach of the Busan Metropolitan City Athletic Club for one year since 2008, and is now a player and coach in the curling team of Gangwon Province.

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