Thursday , January 20 2022

Adult Acne Treatment · Kidneys can be improved by dermatological laser surgery


Adolescent acne during the growing season has passed through a majority of people, just as a passionate adult.

However, according to statistics of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, six of them were & # 39; and 10 dermatological acne patients, or 60%, found as adults or 20 years old. Acne, which was a symbol of puberty, has grown more and more people who have learned in recent decades of persistent adulthood. This type of adult acne treatment has been recommended to try the dermatology department in the field and powerful appropriate treatment.

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"Adult acne is caused by a variety of causes, including living conditions, early habitats and environmental surpluses, resulting in modern society. The problem is that in adult adult acne, the skin science is relatively low compared to phones, so is a high fever possibility on the face, "and" extinguishing acne from hands at home and letting them approve and accumulate ".

Acne scars have sharp edges and are deeply incorporated, and the bottom of the groove is often connected to the bumpy layers. It is not easy to improve by both side effects of damage, and pores can be enlarged. Especially red acne nars can handle their green or black pigmentation if they are not treated.

These acne nars and brands are beneficial for the medical practice of dermatology. Experts advise a combination laser procedure that has a relatively high security and direct effect.

In short, synergy lasers should be avoided in dermatology. Synergial lasers were punished with both wavelengths of 585nm and 1064nm, so they were used for treating faculty and faculty, promoting new blood vessels, promoting new collagen production, regeneration, enlarging breeding, There.

Dr. Lim said: "Synergy laser surgery is a non-surgical treatment effective for face wooling, pigmentation, and skin regeneration caused by acne, but should be accompanied by medical staff and many consultations. are also sought to manage it. "

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