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At the summit meeting on ASEAN (ASEAN) summit held in Singapore for two days starting on April 14, the most important issue that President Moon will bring out is 'New Southern Policy'.

The new South Korean policy is the foreign policy that President Moon attended in APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) in November, 2017. India and the ASEAN-Korea alliance will be upgraded to the four major powers of the United States, Japan, China and Russia.

Since then, President Moon has visited Viet Nam, Indonesia, the Philippines and India, which are the "VIP countries" of the new Southern Policy until recently. Mr. Moon 's plan is to visit all 10 ASEAN countries by next year. It is a strategy to expand economic territory and secure support for the peace process on the Korean peninsula.

SEOUL, April 13 (Yonhap) – South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and his Chinese counterpart, Kim Hyun-chul, It is said that the willingness to realize the new Shinan policy is strong.

Why is Vietnam the "Affluent State" in Korea?

The vision of the new southward policy is 'a community of people-centered peace and reflection'. People, Peace, and Prosperty are also called '3P Strategy' after the first letter of English. Kim Hyun – cheol explained the 3P strategy in detail on this day.

First is 'prosperity'. Kim Hyun-cheol said, "The Korean economy has been prosperous for the past 50 years, mainly in the US, Japan and China, mainly in the transverse axis." However, as the transverse three countries have difficulties in exporting and trading, And is actively pursuing the new southward policy. "

This year's trade with ASEAN is expected to exceed $ 160 billion. This is small compared to the $ 240 billion of China-ASEAN trade. But the goal is to increase it to 200 billion dollars by 2020, when President Moon is not in office.

Kim said, "ASEAN is a province for our trade and exports, with the aim of achieving up to $ 200 billion in trade between Korea and ASEAN by 2020." Currently, Vietnam is the third largest exporter after the United States and China.

Kim said, "Vietnam is already a country that surpasses Japan, and by 2020 (the export amount of Vietnam) will reach 100 billion dollars," said Kim. "We will have 100 billion dollars worth of exports to the EU. In 2020, one Vietnamese nation will grow to cover the total exports of EU countries.

The number of small and medium-sized enterprises entering ASEAN reaches 8000

Kim noted that the infrastructure market is expanding, especially in the ASEAN region. "As the ASEAN country grows more than 5 percent a year, the overseas infrastructure market is expanding rapidly," he said. "Our infrastructure is the largest country in the Middle East, and it is likely that ASEAN will become the largest infrastructure market in Korea, defying the Middle East." .

To this end, President Moon will visit the Smart City exhibition hall opened in Korea during the ASEAN related summit. Kim said, "Korea is a state-of-the-art nation in Smart City, and we will be actively promoting our Smart City know-how to the participating countries of the East Asia Summit (EAS)."

There are currently 8,000 SMEs in ASEAN. Kim said, "Although there are labor costs (cheaper than Korea), the ASEAN market is very attractive," he said. "As the Korean wave is blowing and K-food, K Beauty, K-style, K content, and recently K franchise is very popular. "

Kim said, "We showed that restaurants are possible in ASEAN through 'Yoon Restaurant' program." Paek Jong – won 's Dauphon korea is also in four ASEAN countries, so Korea' s franchise is riding a Korean wave.

Kim added, "The second largest export market for our products is ASEAN, and this is the achievement, and the goal is to expand it."

ASEAN Fulbright can be up to 40% of ASEAN students.

The following is "people", that is, human exchange. ASEAN is the region where Koreans visit the most. Human exchange is increasing every year by 10%. The goal is to achieve 10 million people this year and expand it to 15 million by 2020.

Kim said, "The number two (2nd place) is Japan, and now, there is a boom of anti-Koreanism in Japan, so the gap with Japan is likely to widen even more." China has seen a sharp drop in tourists since the Sad problem, I think this goal can be achieved smoothly because it is creaking. "

Especially, the number of foreign students is increasing. Last year, the number of students from ASEAN reached 20,000, but this year it is expected to increase to 32,000. 23% of all international students come from ASEAN.

Kim said, "This is likely to continue to increase," he said. "I would be optimistic that 40 percent of the Korean version of ASEAN Fulbright is possible." Through the Fulbright Program, the United States has promoted human exchange, including education and culture in the United States and other countries.

Why Korean diplomats are jealous of the ambassador in Singapore

Finally, it is 'peace'. Kim emphasized, "In the denuclearization part of the Korean Peninsula, the New South is a special country." This is because the 10 ASEAN countries and India are all countries that have exchanged diplomatic relations with North Korea. So they strongly support the peace process on the Korean peninsula.

Kim said, "There are two disputes and conflict areas in the ASEAN region, one is the South China Sea, and the other is the Korean peninsula." The South China Sea is a complex structure that is tangled and tangled, and the Korean peninsula is solved through our peace process. "We are actively supporting and cooperating," he said.

Kim said, "Singapore has hosted the North American summit, and Indonesia has actively supported the formation of a single South Korean team in the Asian Games in Jakarta." It is a peace that ASEAN pursues, It seems to be. "

In particular, Kim said, "President Lee has been active in visiting ASEAN and has come to peace, but Singapore is the second visit this year." "It is very jealous of the time in the diplomatic mission abroad."

Kim said, "When it comes to diplomatic relations, most of the regions have a desire to take a tour of the presidential office. The ambassador of Singapore has already twice held the presidential election.

"If the ASEAN summit next year is confirmed and the Korea-Mekong Summit is concluded in the same year, the next year will be the year of ASEAN in Korea," Kim said. I would not, "he said.

Kim said, "Since the ASEAN new South policy is well received, there are a lot of requests from Australia and the South Pacific city countries to become members of the new South." He also said that there is room for real cooperation with Papua New Guinea and Australia at the summit. We are trying to exploit. "

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