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2 Korea firstly reports of super … Chung Woo-boy has debuted debut


KUZAJEUR (29, Augsburg), who plays in the German Bundesliga, returned to the field after injuries and injured, but hopefully Jung Woo-boy (19, Bayern Munich) the Bundesliga debuted again on the next opportunity.

Kuznetsova was replaced by Frankfurt on August 25 in Augsburg, Germany, and replaced by Julian Shiver in the second half of # 39; the second half of the 12th home match of # 39; the Bundesliga 2018-2019.

Gujarat was the first Korean national football team to play Taegeuk in Australia, after Paulo Bentoo was Australia, but returned to Germany without match against Uzbekistan in Australia.

Gujarat, which has been in treatment and training for injuries to longitude and hikes, is expected to play in January the annual Asian Football Confederation (AFC) with a replacement.

However, the same Augsburg tactic Ji Dong-won (27) scored his first goal in the Mainz game on September 15 and was named after the recipient after he had lost his knees when he had the "top service series "played.

Augsburg started the game with a goal from Jonathan DeGuuzman in the first minute of the game and allowed three goals in & # 39; The second half scored 0-3.

Augsburg, that's a gauntlet drawing in 27 minutes to Gujarat, was defeated by Sergio Cordoba in # 39; 45 minutes.

The Bavaria campaign from Munich was Jong Woo-boy recorded in the list of substitutions in & # 39; a match against Düsseldorf, but could not play.

Young Woo youth debut for Juventus (Italy) and the International Championship Cup (ICC) of 2018, which will be played on the 26th of July in the pre-season,

Young Woo boy, who was in four years and six months selling handbills with Bayern Munich last year when he was in Incheon Daegan, attention was given to a multy-goal in his second Division debuted in July.

Munich, scored several goals for Thomas Müller, scoring in 3-3 with Düsseldorf.

(Yonhap News / Photo = Augsburg Home Collection)

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