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[주간순위] Diablo 2: Official sorting of resurrection with ease for reminders


The weekly ranking is a corner to see which games received the attention of users one week through the ranking of mobile games (based on Google Play) and online games (based on Gametrix).

In the 4th week of September 2021 (September 20 – September 26), let’s look at which games are selected by users and which new ones are noticeable as updates.

Mobile, miniature with the pleasure of collecting and the ease of neglect

Billy Billy’s new work ‘Minius: A Small but Amazing Adventure’ (hereinafter referred to as Minius), which was officially released on September 14, ranks 7th in popularity and 4th in sales on Google Play.

‘Minius’ is a game that adds unique materials, such as inactive play and figures to a collectible RPG. It is characterized by collecting more than 80 kinds of figures implemented with 3D rendering technology and enjoying the game on the full 3D battlefield.

By reflecting the character of the figure, each character in the game was designed and released by each division of a giant toy company named ‘FULI’. It has a different design philosophy.

Each figure has a different role group, such as defense, attack, fireworks, support and magic, and can be developed to nurture content such as breaking through provincial levels and strengthening parts.

In battle content, you can enjoy the strategic fun of arranging figures on hexagon-shaped tiles, using skills in the right place, and defeating enemies.

Diablo 2: Resurrection opens online, Hell’s Gate

In the fourth week of September, Riot Games ” League of Legends ‘recorded a stake of 46.44% and took the top spot for 165 weeks in a row, Nexon’s’ Sudden Attack ‘took second place with 7.17%, and PUBG’s’ Battleground ” took third place with a share of 6.2%.

Blizzard Entertainment’s ‘Diablo 2: Resurrection’, which was released worldwide on September 24 (Korean time), took 7th place in the PC room rankings.

‘Diablo 2: Resurrection’ is designed to take full advantage of the latest gaming hardware performance, supports resolutions up to 4K, remastered 7.1 Dolby Surround audio, and a total of 27 minutes of cinematic video has also been redesigned to high-resolution visuals.

In addition, it is also important to maintain the experience of the original, i.e. beneath the surface of the game, the original game engine that performs the same calculations and game logic as in 2000 runs.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and its own studio Vicarious Visions, ‘Diablo 2: Resurrection’ can be played on Windows PCs that can be played via, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

With the Advance Sharing feature, you can access your account and use your characters and plunder from anywhere, as long as you have a game license, regardless of platform.

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