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[종합] Henry's, Henry's, for Henry's "Henry's father's surprise birthday party ♡


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'I live alone' Henry rich man gave the impression of the past.

On the 9th MBC 'I Live Alone', Henry in Thanksgiving with his father was portrayed in Toronto, Canada.

On this day, Henry and his father invited acquaintances to prepare for the party. Henry's friends visited the house as their first guest.

The Rainbow members saw Henry's friends and misunderstood that he was "not a father's friend" and Henry said, "It's my friends. It is the same age, "he laughed.

Henry's father and Henry friends seemed to be out of control. Henry said, "(friends) come to our house to have steak even if I do not have one." Rainbow members responded by saying, "It is my dad's friend" and laughed.

Henry was reunited in 12 years with his tiger teacher Aldard, who taught him how to play the violin. Alkardi embraced Henry and welcomed me and said, "Oh my superstar." Henry added, "I did not know it, but my teacher's tablet PC had all the images I was working on."

Henry's father then played keyboards, and he and Henry were both wrong. In the midst of Henry's embarrassment, Henry's friend Charles came up with a cake and Henry's surprise birthday party was held.

Henry said, "This is my first time, I have not had a birthday with Henry for so long, I am very happy now." So Henry approached his father awkwardly.

"I was really surprised then," said Henry, who watched the video on the VCR in the studio. "I thought my dad was a tearless person, but he was a weak person." So Jeon replied, "It was more of a feeling than a weak person."

Henry's father then said, "Henry was always abroad when I was at his birthday, and last time Henry was 18 years old, he ate meals, I played music and it was the best day of my life. "I did not know my dad loved me so much. I thought my dad did not love me. "

In particular, Henry's father asked Henry to play in front of his acquaintances. So Henry brought the violin as a child and his friend Charles started playing the piano. Henry tried to play the Ghioni Nerbaizen, a top-notch ninja, as the weapon of the spleen to test 12 years of age.

Henry showed a lot of tension by coordinating the violin in front of Master. In the meantime, there was a violation of colloquialism in which one violin string was cut off. Henry, "Let's just go," he said, playing a three-string "Yumoressukkusu" was impressed. Later, Alcardi was willing to lend his violin, and Henry was playing it right.

Members admired Henry's previous performance and Henry's father repeated his "One More Pleasures".

Since then, the rich have singed together and shook off the awkwardness and moved with music. It was a time when I felt deep richness although I could not speak each other.

Meanwhile, the actor Seonghoon challenged the triathlon game. In addition to his first swimming in the Han River that he had not even experienced during his former career, he challenged the riding and marathon ridden even in the chronic knee pain.

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