Thursday , March 30 2023

[전국]Hallyu Mountain Higher Likely to Find Two South and North …



Moon Jae-in said that Kim Jong-un would like to see Mt.

Reporter Yoon Jong-min went to Baekrokdam which is a possibility that both North and South Koreans could find together.


Baekrokdam, which depicts a wide range of paintings combined with rock cliffs rising along the ridge line.

A volcanic eruption of 3 km around the crater captivates the hearts of viewers.

The Noru family also greets people with great enthusiasm.

On a sunny weekend, hikers continued to visit the summit.

The number of people who visited Mt. Halla was more than a million a year.

Mt. Halla is loved again by hikers.

It is because President Moon Jae-in has the possibility of finding Mr. Halla at the time of Kim Jong Eun's visit to Seoul, just as he was the first to be the head of state.

[문재인 대통령 : 백두에서 한라까지 이런 말도 있듯이 원한다면 한라산을 보여줄 수 있습니다.]

Jeju Island hopes that the will of peaceful unification will be realized at the top of Mount Halla.

We are actively preparing to visit Mt. Halla at the summit of North and South Korea so that historical discussions can be fruitful in Jeju, the center of peace.

[원희룡 / 제주도지사 : 한라산 방문하기를 바라고 한라산에서 남북 간의 진전한 평화를 이룰 수 있는 전환점이 선언되기를 기대합니다.]

Mt. Halla which spreads over 800 varieties of vegetation and conveys mysticism every season.

Kim Jong Eun is expected to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun in Seoul this year.

YTN Yoo Jong Min[[email protected]]is.

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