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[일문일답]Choi Yong-su, director of "misleading location … I will pay the debt to the fans"


FC Seoul's Choi Yong-Soo has free to win his final home match. (Presented by FC Seoul)

FC Seoul's Choi Yong-su, who for his last home match of the season occurs, I won in the last round, and was essentially # 39; The crisis, but now the position itself is "decent".

The FC Seoul, held March 2, March 24, front of Incheon United in Seoul World Cup Stadium, held a medal at Copper GS Champions Park, where the # training ground. In this position, Choi Yong-soo has a strong start report saying: "I do not suggest that my opponent will give a victory to my room."

SEOUL, November 11 (Yonhap) – South Korea has won 3-2 victory over South Korea Dragons on Thursday, and they are 9th with 13 wins, 14 loses and 40 points. With two competitions that remain at the end of the season, the bottom runner is fired, and the possibility of relegation disappears completely as the drawings are taken only in Incheon.

The great sound was abolished, but Choi Young's trainer said, "It's just a painful thing to get out of the story." I just think of victory. "

The following is a quote from Yong Soo Choi director.

– Prep for Incheon.
▶ Current installment takes a good stream. It is a game where a victory point is needed and a special battle is set to escape from the right of relegation. It will not be easy. But I do not want to prevent the victory points in our room. I had a lot of rest and training in the last two weeks (A match break). The team is reorganized. If our players play with appropriate tension and concentration, they can then score enough points.

– The atmosphere of the team changed a bit.
▶ We won the last round, but nothing has changed much. More important games remain. We must have a stronger power of crisis than our opponents. The preparation was good.

– It's the last home game in Sangam this season.
▶ The fact is that it has failed. FC Seoul is in lower split. I have to buy why I came here, and I think everyone must have a sense of responsibility. It's a game that can be criticized, but it can not be won by the spirit that can eat. I made it. I just think about winning. – The attack of Incheon is incredible.
▶ There are many strikers like Mugosa, Aguilar, Nam Jae-jae and Moon Sun-min. It is a team that can make points with individual capabilities. They should be in cooperation as a whole that they can not use. Conversion should be quick. If you lack these players, dangerous situations may be created.

– What things have changed after the appointment.
▶ We have played many balls to change the atmosphere in # 39. I can help, but eventually I have to go through the players. Until these players, the players are psychologically appointed. However, it has changed slowly and I have decided the injured tests in the last episode of Jeonnamoarloch. But it is not over. If I go to Incheon, I can not walk. We have a lot of debt to pay our fans. This is not what FC Seoul is. The players will also be deeply intelligent.

(Copper = news 1)

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