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[이슈IS] Debate on father in debt → Families of a family … A jubilation follows the arrow


[이슈IS]    Debate on father in debt → Families of a family ... A jubilation follows the arrow

Group Mama Muwin supports the support of & # 39; the middle of & # 39; the explanation of & # 39; the family history in connection with the trust of his father's guilt.

On the 27th, an online community was to say an article: "The father of a girl has made a mistake in our home." The writer stated that his father did not receive the money he had had before his father and that he was diagnosed with pancakes and died. I learned a picture of judgment with the evidence.

So he told the same day by his RBW government. "I grew up without being able to help my father, and my father was indifferent to his family and lost his role as father," he said.

"That has caused my parents in 2012, but my mother had to have a loan a few months ago," she said. "I lived apart from my father after divorce, but my mother and I had to do it before."

He said he had no contact with his father for many years. "Now I do not know where our father lives, what he does, or how he is," he said. However, he was willing to limit the case by consulting his family. "I ask for the last time the controversy has occurred," he added.

Because he was a celebrity, he was forced to read his father's guilt, which had not been recently changed. I had to confess to my personal family history. The users send a message of joy to them, saying: The victim is a white story, the family history is all called, and it is unfortunate.

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