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[오피셜] Hubeng Dias, with Manchester City until 2027 … 6-year contract extension


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(Export News Internal Reporter Jeong Seung-woo) Manchester City have announced that they have renewed their contract with Hubeng Dias.

Manchester City announced the renewal of a contract with defender Hubeng Dias on the official website on the 30th (Korean time). The contract period is 6 years, until 2027.

“Dias, who moved to Benfica’s Manchester City in September 2020, exerted his influence directly on the field. With his leadership and defense, he won the Premier League, the Carabao Cup and reached the UEFA Champions League final for the first time. in the history of the club, “said Manchester City. could do it, “he said.

“Dias, now 24, has the confidence to grow to the top of the club this season and beyond,” he added.

Dias said: “I felt there was still a lot of room for improvement to get better and grow. It feels really good. I have to win trophies in more leagues. The 2020/21 season has been a great season, but the best season will be the season 2021/22. “He expressed his feelings about the extension of the contract.

“Everything has to start over and prove again and again,” he added. “This proof is the biggest trophy you can have in football.”

Dias, who watched Pep Guardiola last season, was recruited after the start of the 2020/21 season, and gained Guardiola’s confidence by starting as soon as he joined the team.

He teamed up with John Stones last year and played 4,422 minutes in 51 official appearances. Out of 51 games played, only 32 goals were conceded for the opposing team. Stones looked promising for a transfer, but they showed their best performances with Dias and agreed to a 9-year contract with Manchester City on the 9th.

Photo: the official website of Manchester City

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